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Heirloom Pin

May gives Ruth this to wear when she gets into the spelling bee.

Blind Books

In high school, Ruth works for a woman setting up and playing these on tape for this woman.

Tulip Bulbs

Ruth mistakes these for onions one night when it is her turn to cook.


May often cooked huge batches of these over several months to be placed in Christmas baskets through the church.

Fireplace Poker

Ruby uses this to first attack Ruth and then May.

Matthew's Letter

Ruth finds this in which they discuss Ruth's marriage to Ruby.

Winter Suit

Ruth asks for some of her pay to buy Ruby this for his job in the recycling truck.

Texas Grapefruit

Ruth is told that her father, Elmer Grey, has moved to Texas to pick these.

Recycling Truck

Ruby gets a job manning this that parks at the local grocery store...

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