The Book of Ruth Character Descriptions

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Ruth Grey Dahl

This character is a small town, farm girl with a bitter, verbally abusive mother.


This character marries Ruth.

May Jenson Grey

This character is a hard woman who does not know how to show emotion.

Aunt Sid

This character is May's baby sister. May resents her advantages in life and they have a quarrel at the time of their mother's death that leaves them estranged for the remainder of May's life.

Dee Dee Foote

This character is a neighbor who lives across the road from the Greys.

Daisy Foote

This character is Dee Dee's oldest daughter. She is wild, often going off with truck drivers and disappearing for days at a time.

Matthew Grey

This character is May's youngest child. He is highly intelligent and is moved up a grade in elementary school, placing him in the same class as his older sister.


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