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Chapters 1-2

• Ruby begins her story by describing the town in which she grew up, a small town called Honey Creek, Illinois.

• Ruth's father left when she was ten; Ruth's mother often told her her father's leaving was her fault because of the fighting.

• Ruth only has one happy memory of her family.
• Matt is Ruth's younger brother, but he always did everything faster and better than she did.

• As they grew older and Matt's intelligence continued to shine, Ruth began to torture him.

• Ruth has few memories of her father and few memories of being praised.
• Ruth began school with the impression she was dumb which caused her to fail over and over again.

• Matt often shone in school, actually skipping a grade to join Ruth's class.

• Ruth's first meeting with her Aunt Sid was when Sid came to make amends with May over an argument.
• In...

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