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Short Answer Questions

1. Charlie has a dinner party and does not invite Montgomery. How does Montgomery feel about this?

2. Who is watching Montgomery as he tries to wrap up the painting and stick it in the car?

3. What do the papers say Montgomery lacks when he is read his charges?

4. When Montgomery finally leaves the car and his victim to die, what does he do with the painting?

5. What is Montgomery's reasoning for killing his victim as he tells it to the police?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Montgomery take the time to pay attention to the details of his victim's face before hitting her with the hammer?

2. After reading the version of the confession written by the police, Montgomery says "they have made a murderer out of him." What is the irony in this statement?

3. How is Montgomery's recurring dream of being falsely accused of murder an example of foreshadowing for the situation he finds himself in at the current time?

4. Montgomery jokes around when he is arrested, but feels intimidated by being confined in possession of the police. What are Montgomery's values?

5. Charlie tells Montgomery that the police brought Charlie into the station and Montgomery thinks Charlie is talking about the train station. What does this tell you about the mindset of Montgomery?

6. Montgomery describes his fondness for his old family friend Charlie French, yet at the same time he doesn't forgive Charlie for a previous situation. What does this inner conflict tell the reader about Montgomery?

7. Montgomery speaks of his wife visiting him in jail. He is annoyed with her calm demeanor and ability to make decisions without him. Why might these characteristics upset Montgomery?

8. When Montgomery's mother's will is read, Montgomery is shocked to find out he is disinherited. At first he thinks it's because of the most recent fight they had but later finds out his mother disinherited him years prior. Why did his mother do this?

9. Montgomery begins to get the feeling that Charlie is ignoring him. For what reasons would Charlie avoid Montgomery?

10. It is no secret that Montgomery is angry at the world and feels he is owed something. How would killing this innocent person be revenge enough on the world for his alter ego Billy Bunter or Montgomery himself?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A setting is an important part of a novel. Many times the setting sets the mood of the story. What is the setting of "The Book of Evidence"? How does the setting develop the mood of the novel? What is the mood of the novel? Why is the mood an important part of the plot?

Essay Topic 2

Joanne the stable hand is a very controversial character in the novel. What makes Joanne controversial? Why is her character important? How would the plot be different if her character was not involved?

Essay Topic 3

Internal conflicts play a role in the novel. Montgomery battles with himself over right and wrong and the emotions he feels for others. Why are the internal conflicts important to the plot of the novel? How do the internal conflicts help form the character of Montgomery? Do any of the other characters have internal conflicts?

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