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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Montgomery think the only thing that will make up for what he's done is?

2. How does Montgomery feel about his situation after Charlie leaves for work?

3. When Montgomery finally leaves the car and his victim to die, what does he do with the painting?

4. As Montgomery reads the papers, what depresses him?

5. What is the real reason both counsels are making Montgomery offers?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Charlie cooks breakfast, Montgomery says he feels a "weepy regard" for Charlie. Why would he feel this way?

2. Montgomery describes his fondness for his old family friend Charlie French, yet at the same time he doesn't forgive Charlie for a previous situation. What does this inner conflict tell the reader about Montgomery?

3. It is no secret that Montgomery is angry at the world and feels he is owed something. How would killing this innocent person be revenge enough on the world for his alter ego Billy Bunter or Montgomery himself?

4. Charlie was a dear friend of Montgomery's parents and tells Montgomery of his mother when she was younger. Charlie says that many men adored Montgomery's mother and she was a loved by all except her husband. Why would Charlie tell Montgomery this?

5. Montgomery speaks of his wife visiting him in jail. He is annoyed with her calm demeanor and ability to make decisions without him. Why might these characteristics upset Montgomery?

6. As he is leaving the scene of his crime, Montgomery realizes "that the fat, foul-mouthed, inner man has burst out." What he is talking about?

7. According to Montgomery, he feels that now that he is no longer drinking alcohol he "has woken up to a hangover with a vengeance." What does Montgomery mean by saying this?

8. As the maid fights back at Montgomery after he shoves her in the car, he says he sees her as a "cornered heroine in a melodrama." Do you think this is an appropriate description of his victim?

9. How is Montgomery foreshadowing his guilt by saying he had been "unknowingly leaving behind a trail of evidence rather than his troubles" as he leaves the village?

10. Using your knowledge of Montgomery's history with women, why would he choose the "Portrait of the Woman with Gloves" rather than another?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Relationships play a large part in Montgomery's life. What relationships are the most important to Montgomery? Why are these relationships more important than the others he has? What relationships were the most successful in Montgomery's life? What made them most successful?

Essay Topic 2

A setting is an important part of a novel. Many times the setting sets the mood of the story. What is the setting of "The Book of Evidence"? How does the setting develop the mood of the novel? What is the mood of the novel? Why is the mood an important part of the plot?

Essay Topic 3

Fate is a concept that is touched upon in the novel. What is Montgomery's fate at the end of the novel? What events lead him to his fate? Based on Montgomery's actions in the book, does he deserve his fate?

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