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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Montgomery feel about this situation with the stolen painting and a hostage?

2. What does Montgomery comment about when reading the confession?

3. Who is watching Montgomery as he forces his victim into the car?

4. When did Montgomery's mother make the change in the will?

5. Did Montgomery really mean to kill his victim?

Short Essay Questions

1. Montgomery talks about his victim after reading the newspapers, yet he doesn't voice any opinion about her. However, Montgomery does voice his opinion on what was said or not said about himself. What does this tell the reader about Montgomery?

2. Montgomery describes his fondness for his old family friend Charlie French, yet at the same time he doesn't forgive Charlie for a previous situation. What does this inner conflict tell the reader about Montgomery?

3. The lawyers on both sides of Montgomery's case want to plead the case out. Montgomery believes this is to protect Charlie French and Max Molyneaux and is against the idea. Why wouldn't Montgomery want to protect these two men?

4. Charlie was a dear friend of Montgomery's parents and tells Montgomery of his mother when she was younger. Charlie says that many men adored Montgomery's mother and she was a loved by all except her husband. Why would Charlie tell Montgomery this?

5. How is Montgomery foreshadowing his guilt by saying he had been "unknowingly leaving behind a trail of evidence rather than his troubles" as he leaves the village?

6. Using your knowledge of Montgomery's history with women, why would he choose the "Portrait of the Woman with Gloves" rather than another?

7. It is no secret that Montgomery is angry at the world and feels he is owed something. How would killing this innocent person be revenge enough on the world for his alter ego Billy Bunter or Montgomery himself?

8. Charlie tells Montgomery that the police brought Charlie into the station and Montgomery thinks Charlie is talking about the train station. What does this tell you about the mindset of Montgomery?

9. What clues are presented during the dinner party that Montgomery's fantasy relationship with Charlie may be more realistic than the reader is led to think?

10. When Montgomery's mother's will is read, Montgomery is shocked to find out he is disinherited. At first he thinks it's because of the most recent fight they had but later finds out his mother disinherited him years prior. Why did his mother do this?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Internal conflicts play a role in the novel. Montgomery battles with himself over right and wrong and the emotions he feels for others. Why are the internal conflicts important to the plot of the novel? How do the internal conflicts help form the character of Montgomery? Do any of the other characters have internal conflicts?

Essay Topic 2

Joanne the stable hand is a very controversial character in the novel. What makes Joanne controversial? Why is her character important? How would the plot be different if her character was not involved?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the emergence of Billy Bunter. Who is he? Why is he important? Why does Montgomery say he exists? How would Billy Bunter be beneficial to Montgomery's case?

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