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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Maolseachlainn's trick in the courtroom?

2. How does Montgomery feel about Randolph when he meets him?

3. What does Montgomery call his mother when he calls her to the witness stand?

4. What is the name of Montgomery's mother?

5. Why does Montgomery claim he chose his profession?

Short Essay Questions

1. The reader is introduced to Montgomery's counsel. Montgomery likes him because of his fierceness in the courtroom. Why would he like someone for this characteristic?

2. Why is Montgomery's recount of his mother's funeral ironic?

3. When thinking about first meeting Daphne, Montgomery says "Anna was the priestess in a ritual giving Daphne, the sacrificial offering, to him." Why does he say this?

4. Montgomery describes his old home as in disrepair and falling apart. At the same time, his mother tells him that he has gained weight. Why is it important that these two incidences are told together in Montgomery's story?

5. Why are the details of Montgomery's engagement and marriage to Daphne important?

6. Montgomery's counsel forces him to say that he wanted to kill his father so he could marry his mother. Montgomery claims this isn't true. Why would his counsel force him to tell this lie?

7. Why does Montgomery go out of his way to tell the court that he is not a homosexual?

8. What is the irony about Montgomery meeting his wife through Anna Behrens?

9. Why does Montgomery feel the need to describe his mother as "statuesque"?

10. What is the relationship between Charlie French and Montgomery?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Internal conflicts play a role in the novel. Montgomery battles with himself over right and wrong and the emotions he feels for others. Why are the internal conflicts important to the plot of the novel? How do the internal conflicts help form the character of Montgomery? Do any of the other characters have internal conflicts?

Essay Topic 2

A setting is an important part of a novel. Many times the setting sets the mood of the story. What is the setting of "The Book of Evidence"? How does the setting develop the mood of the novel? What is the mood of the novel? Why is the mood an important part of the plot?

Essay Topic 3

Relationships play a large part in Montgomery's life. What relationships are the most important to Montgomery? Why are these relationships more important than the others he has? What relationships were the most successful in Montgomery's life? What made them most successful?

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