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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Montgomery has spent the night drinking and has to hail a taxi. How does Montgomery act as he waits for his taxi?
(a) He yells at people as they walk by.
(b) He has a cigarette.
(c) He impatiently taps his foot.
(d) He kneels, holds his arms, and rocks.

2. What does Montgomery says he was thinking about on his way to Whitewater?
(a) Nothing, he was just enjoying the ride.
(b) The crime he was about to commit.
(c) He couldn't wait to see Anna.
(d) That it was a beautiful day for a ride.

3. Why do numerous officers take Montgomery's confession?
(a) They come up with new questions every time.
(b) They want to make sure they have all the details.
(c) They think Charlie is involved.
(d) They don't believe him.

4. What does Montgomery hit his victim with?
(a) A book.
(b) The painting.
(c) A hammer.
(d) His hands.

5. Montgomery hits his victim repeatedly and decides to leave the car. What is he expecting as he considers abandoning the victim and his car?
(a) To wake up from this nightmare.
(b) To see people come look for him.
(c) For his victim follow him.
(d) To be killed himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Montgomery's mother make the change in the will?

2. As Montgomery is fleeing the scene, what does he feel he needs to do?

3. Montgomery remembers that Charlie used to live with his mother and he inquires about her. What has happened to Charlie's mother?

4. When Montgomery finally leaves the car and his victim to die, what does he do with the painting?

5. What is the real reason both counsels are making Montgomery offers?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the mites Montgomery says are living on his skin symbolize?

2. Using your knowledge of Montgomery's history with women, why would he choose the "Portrait of the Woman with Gloves" rather than another?

3. How is Montgomery foreshadowing his guilt by saying he had been "unknowingly leaving behind a trail of evidence rather than his troubles" as he leaves the village?

4. As he is leaving the scene of his crime, Montgomery realizes "that the fat, foul-mouthed, inner man has burst out." What he is talking about?

5. As the maid fights back at Montgomery after he shoves her in the car, he says he sees her as a "cornered heroine in a melodrama." Do you think this is an appropriate description of his victim?

6. Montgomery jokes around when he is arrested, but feels intimidated by being confined in possession of the police. What are Montgomery's values?

7. It is no secret that Montgomery is angry at the world and feels he is owed something. How would killing this innocent person be revenge enough on the world for his alter ego Billy Bunter or Montgomery himself?

8. When Montgomery's mother's will is read, Montgomery is shocked to find out he is disinherited. At first he thinks it's because of the most recent fight they had but later finds out his mother disinherited him years prior. Why did his mother do this?

9. What does Montgomery mean when he says that he can't say he didn't mean to kill her, only that he doesn't know precisely when he began to mean it?

10. Montgomery speaks of his wife visiting him in jail. He is annoyed with her calm demeanor and ability to make decisions without him. Why might these characteristics upset Montgomery?

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