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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Montgomery realize as he walks past the place where the car bomb exploded?
(a) He has lost touch with the outside world.
(b) The world is falling apart.
(c) That nothing matters besides what he's done.
(d) That yesterday was part of his old life.

2. Why do numerous officers take Montgomery's confession?
(a) They don't believe him.
(b) They come up with new questions every time.
(c) They think Charlie is involved.
(d) They want to make sure they have all the details.

3. How does Montgomery react as he is arrested?
(a) He is quiet and calm.
(b) He is violent.
(c) He is upset and crying.
(d) He is happy and joking with the officers.

4. Montgomery is speaking in the present day at court. He's already talked about one dream he has, but decides to share another he has a couple of times a year. What is the recurring dream that Montgomery tells the reader about this time?
(a) He falls in love.
(b) He is put in jail for a crime he doesn't commit.
(c) He murders someone.
(d) He finds a dead body and covers it up.

5. At first Montgomery believes he is in shock, but what does he decide the feeling really is?
(a) A fear that he will get caught.
(b) Sadness.
(c) Adrenaline.
(d) Guilt.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Montgomery reads the papers, what depresses him?

2. Why does Montgomery think the days ahead will be his most exciting ever?

3. What is the name of Montgomery's son?

4. What does Montgomery claim to believe was going to happen between himself and Behrens?

5. What is Montgomery's reasoning for killing his victim as he tells it to the police?

Short Essay Questions

1. Montgomery begins to get the feeling that Charlie is ignoring him. For what reasons would Charlie avoid Montgomery?

2. Charlie was a dear friend of Montgomery's parents and tells Montgomery of his mother when she was younger. Charlie says that many men adored Montgomery's mother and she was a loved by all except her husband. Why would Charlie tell Montgomery this?

3. After reading the version of the confession written by the police, Montgomery says "they have made a murderer out of him." What is the irony in this statement?

4. Montgomery speaks of his wife visiting him in jail. He is annoyed with her calm demeanor and ability to make decisions without him. Why might these characteristics upset Montgomery?

5. Why does Montgomery take the time to pay attention to the details of his victim's face before hitting her with the hammer?

6. According to Montgomery, he feels that now that he is no longer drinking alcohol he "has woken up to a hangover with a vengeance." What does Montgomery mean by saying this?

7. For what reasons would the drop of blood Montgomery discovers on his finger cause him to go into a paranoid state?

8. How is Montgomery foreshadowing his guilt by saying he had been "unknowingly leaving behind a trail of evidence rather than his troubles" as he leaves the village?

9. The lawyers on both sides of Montgomery's case want to plead the case out. Montgomery believes this is to protect Charlie French and Max Molyneaux and is against the idea. Why wouldn't Montgomery want to protect these two men?

10. What clues are presented during the dinner party that Montgomery's fantasy relationship with Charlie may be more realistic than the reader is led to think?

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