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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Montgomery react to Charlie's questioning?
(a) He becomes very apologetic.
(b) He becomes very defensive.
(c) He gets angry.
(d) He denies everything.

2. As Montgomery is speaking to the courts he claims his wife visited him in jail. Why did he become upset with his wife?
(a) She has spent all his money.
(b) He doesn't want her to visit him at all.
(c) She got his son tested for a syndrome and didn't ask his permission.
(d) She won't allow him to see his son.

3. Why does Montgomery believe the opposing counsel is making him offers?
(a) Because they think he is insane.
(b) To save the state money.
(c) To protect Charlie's reputation.
(d) They think he is innocent.

4. What does Montgomery claim to believe was going to happen between himself and Behrens?
(a) An art lesson.
(b) A simple business transaction.
(c) A private tour.
(d) A cup of coffee and good conversation.

5. As Montgomery is washing dishes he sees the face of his victim. How does he react?
(a) He has no reaction at all.
(b) He starts to cry.
(c) He loses his breath and has to sit down.
(d) He smiles.

6. Where does Montgomery think he is when he wakes up in Charlie's house?
(a) At Coolgrange.
(b) Back in the United States.
(c) Home in the Mediterranean.
(d) At a motel.

7. At first Montgomery believes he is in shock, but what does he decide the feeling really is?
(a) Adrenaline.
(b) A fear that he will get caught.
(c) Guilt.
(d) Sadness.

8. What does Montgomery borrow from Charlie?
(a) Cash.
(b) His car.
(c) An entire outfit.
(d) A book.

9. Who arrives at Wally's Pub as Montgomery sits there after fleeing his crime?
(a) Mr. Behrens.
(b) Daphne.
(c) Charlie French.
(d) The stable hand.

10. Why can't Montgomery really think about his crime?
(a) He's not really sure what he's admitting.
(b) He can't believe it's true.
(c) He doesn't think anyone will believe his story.
(d) He gets pleasure out of keeping it his secret.

11. How does Charlie always like to think about himself in reference to Montgomery's family?
(a) As just an acquaintance.
(b) As a neighbor.
(c) As an old family friend.
(d) As a business partner with Montgomery's parents.

12. Who does Montgomery's mother leave Coolgrange to when she dies?
(a) Just the stable hand.
(b) Montgomery only.
(c) Charlie French.
(d) The stable hand Daphne and her grandson.

13. What does Montgomery do after tossing out his breakfast when Charlie leaves?
(a) He leaves and goes to a bar.
(b) He robs Charlie of everything and leaves.
(c) He cleans Charlie's house.
(d) He starts rummaging through Charlie's things.

14. Montgomery hits his victim repeatedly and decides to leave the car. What is he expecting as he considers abandoning the victim and his car?
(a) To be killed himself.
(b) To wake up from this nightmare.
(c) To see people come look for him.
(d) For his victim follow him.

15. Who is watching Montgomery as he tries to wrap up the painting and stick it in the car?
(a) Anna.
(b) A maid.
(c) Mr. Behrens.
(d) The taxi driver.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Montgomery comment about when reading the confession?

2. What does Montgomery think about his own crime?

3. As Montgomery is fleeing the scene, what does he feel he needs to do?

4. Montgomery remembers that Charlie used to live with his mother and he inquires about her. What has happened to Charlie's mother?

5. What does Charlie realize about Montgomery as he gets ready to leave for work?

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