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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Montgomery's lawyer described?
(a) As an incompetent.
(b) As a manipulator.
(c) As a "terror in the courtroom."
(d) As a complete waste of money.

2. What does Montgomery buy at the hardware shop?
(a) Twine, brown paper, and a rope.
(b) A measuring tape and nails.
(c) A chainsaw.
(d) A wrench, screwdriver and screws

3. Why can't Montgomery find his mother's account books when he looks for them in the kitchen?
(a) Because they have been locked away.
(b) Because she doesn't keep the account books in the house.
(c) Because they were thrown out.
(d) Because the accountant has picked them up.

4. What does Montgomery realize has pulled him to Whitewater?
(a) The love of Anna Behrens.
(b) Boredom.
(c) The love of art.
(d) Money.

5. What is the name of Montgomery's mother?
(a) Dorothy or Dolly.
(b) Joanne.
(c) Margaret or Maggie.
(d) Sarah.

6. Montgomery goes looking for his mother to ask her about the missing items. Where does he find her and the stable hand?
(a) In the basement.
(b) In the garden.
(c) In the kitchen.
(d) In her bedroom.

7. What does Montgomery call his mother when he calls her to the witness stand?
(a) An angel.
(b) The devil.
(c) A sweetheart.
(d) His savior.

8. How does Montgomery describe his mother?
(a) A small, quiet woman.
(b) A small, mean woman.
(c) A large, emotional woman.
(d) As a large woman, with little emotion.

9. Where does Randolph get the money for Montgomery's "loan"?
(a) From his bank.
(b) From the sale of his car.
(c) From his mother.
(d) From a drug baron.

10. Who does Montgomery says his lawyer reminds him of?
(a) His grandfather.
(b) His father.
(c) An old business partner.
(d) A boy he went to school with that did his homework for him.

11. What does Montgomery claim about his actions at the time he committed his crime?
(a) That he doesn't think he did anything wrong.
(b) That he never meant to do any of it.
(c) That he knew exactly what he was doing.
(d) That he was disassociated from himself.

12. Where does Montgomery have to go to get the money he owes?
(a) To his home.
(b) To his wife's family.
(c) To his best friend's house.
(d) To the bank.

13. What is his mother's business venture since his father's death?
(a) Selling homes.
(b) Collecting antiques.
(c) Connemara ponies.
(d) Being an art dealer.

14. What is the weather like when Montgomery arrives in Europe?
(a) Sunny and warm.
(b) There is a hurricane.
(c) Raining.
(d) Very foggy.

15. How does the person who supplied the money for Montgomery's loan feel about not being paid back?
(a) Unhappy and demands Montgomery get the money.
(b) Furious with Montgomery.
(c) Very understanding and gives Montgomery an extension.
(d) Tells Montgomery not to worry about it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the argument between Montgomery and his mother about the missing items bring up?

2. After visiting Whitewater, what does Montgomery think of as he lays sleepless?

3. Who is the first witness called to the stand?

4. How does Montgomery feel his trip will appear to others?

5. Why does Montgomery describe his mother with caution?

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