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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Charlie French take Montgomery as a kid?
(a) To the races.
(b) To the art galleries.
(c) To the countryside.
(d) To the zoo.

2. What does Montgomery claim about his actions at the time he committed his crime?
(a) That he was disassociated from himself.
(b) That he never meant to do any of it.
(c) That he knew exactly what he was doing.
(d) That he doesn't think he did anything wrong.

3. What about the stable hand shocks Montgomery?
(a) Her kindness towards his mother.
(b) Her intellect.
(c) Her work ethic.
(d) Her strength.

4. What does Montgomery insist he went to Whitewater to do?
(a) To buy art.
(b) To take a tour.
(c) To sell some art.
(d) To see Anna Behrens.

5. How does Montgomery feel his trip will appear to others?
(a) He must be very wealthy.
(b) He is lucky to be going.
(c) He is stressed and needs a break.
(d) He is running away.

6. Where does the taxi driver take Montgomery when he leaves Whitewater?
(a) To a local motel.
(b) To the airport.
(c) To Coolgrange.
(d) To a place where his mother has lodgers.

7. Who does Montgomery meet when he goes outside after his tour of the house?
(a) The gardener.
(b) His half sister.
(c) The stable girl.
(d) The new maid.

8. What startles the stable hand on the day Montgomery returns to his family home?
(a) She thinks Dorothy is dead.
(b) She sees a ghost.
(c) Montgomery walks into her room.
(d) She's scared of Montgomery.

9. What does Montgomery tell Maolseachlainn the fight was about?
(a) Montgomery doing drugs.
(b) Montgomery drinking.
(c) Money.
(d) Betrayal and Joanne.

10. What does the argument between Montgomery and his mother about the missing items bring up?
(a) Montgomery's abandonment.
(b) Montgomery's bad habits.
(c) Montgomery's reckless past.
(d) His father's death.

11. Who does Montgomery introduce the reader while speaking to the court?
(a) His counsel.
(b) His son.
(c) His mother.
(d) His business partner.

12. Montgomery makes a side comment to the court expressing his surprise in something. What is he surprised about?
(a) The continuous mentioning of paintings in his case.
(b) The things the witnesses are saying about him.
(c) The amount of evidence against him.
(d) The effort people are making to save him from jail.

13. What feeling does Montgomery have as he travels?
(a) He is very upset.
(b) He is very excited.
(c) He feels he is going to do something bad.
(d) He feels anxious.

14. Who does Montgomery think of when he goes into the wine cellar?
(a) His father.
(b) His wife.
(c) His best friend.
(d) His first girlfriend.

15. What happens when Montgomery does not repay his loan?
(a) Montgomery is arrested.
(b) Randolph's ear is chopped off and sent to Montgomery.
(c) Montgomery's child is kidnapped.
(d) Montgomery is kidnapped.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long has Montgomery been in jail before reaching this point in the trial?

2. Where does Montgomery go because he enjoys the atmosphere when he arrives in Dublin?

3. What is the name of Montgomery's mother?

4. Where has Montgomery lived the past few years?

5. What does Montgomery feel it is necessary to tell the court that he is not?

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