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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Section 1 (pages 3-25))


Montgomery is on trial and he tells the courtroom the story of his life. He talks about his journeys and also about retribution. Examining the retribution for the actions of the main character is the objective of this lesson.


1. Foreshadowing: Montgomery tells the stories of how he doesn't repay money and the drug lords he borrowed it from sends Randolph's ear to him as a threat to get their money. What does this form of retribution tell the reader about Montgomery? What kind of character traits does he have? How can this event lead the reader to the present day in the novel?

2. Discussion: Montgomery talks about the negative things he has done and that he always understood he would pay for his actions. Discuss with the class some of Montgomery's retributions that have been made. Do they fit the crime? Do his punishments seem...

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