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Essay Topic 1

Explain the emergence of Billy Bunter. Who is he? Why is he important? Why does Montgomery say he exists? How would Billy Bunter be beneficial to Montgomery's case?

Essay Topic 2

Montgomery has a fixation with women and there are several that play a huge role in his life. Compare and contrast Daphne, his mother, and Anna Behrens. How have they influenced Montgomery's life? What did they contribute to his crime? How does he feel about each woman?

Essay Topic 3

Create a character sketch of Montgomery. What makes his mind work? How does he view himself? How do others view him? What is important to him?

Essay Topic 4

Montgomery is a very self-centered individual and this trait is a major theme of the novel. How does being self centered affect his case? How does this behavior affect others around Montgomery? Why is the idea of self-centeredness such...

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