The Book of Evidence Character Descriptions

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Frederick Montgomery

This conniving and manipulative liar is married and has a child but has also had a series of inconspicuous relationships and is now on trial.

Charlie French

This character is an art dealer who once had a close, yet questionable relationship with another character.

Josie Bell

This character is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is kidnapped and murdered.

Daphne Montgomery

This character, described as beautiful, is married and has a son but is not very attentive to the child involved.

Dorothy Montgomery/Ma Jarrett/Dolly Montgomery

This character is complex because of several secret relationships. This character is strong willed and conniving with certain people.

Joanne, the stable hand

A good friend and secret beneficiary of an estate, this character is mysterious, yet very warm-hearted.

Anna Behrens

Wealthy because of a namesake, this character has dabbled in art and traveled to America...

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