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Part 1, Section 1 (pages 3-25)

• Frederick Charles St. John Vanderveld Montgomery, a prisoner, is just brought into the courtroom and introduced to the court and the reader.

• Montgomery informs the court and the reader about his wife Daphne and son.

• He is very nondescriptive about the relationship he has with his wife and son.
• Montgomery begins to give information about his troubled history.

• Montgomery speaks of a character Randolph whom he blackmailed and then never repaid his loan.

• He tends to talk about the present and refocuses on the past, telling about his life in science and academics.
• The person who lent Randolph the money to give Montgomery threatens Montgomery for his money.

• Montgomery leaves Daphne, his wife, in Spain and heads to Ireland, which leads him to his current situation.

Part 1, Section 2 (pages 26-39)

• Arriving in Ireland brings back childhood memories to Montgomery.

• He recalls his father bringing...

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