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Short Answer Questions

1. To live each day to its fullest, what does the narrator say one must do?

2. Who is the narrator of The Book of Disquiet?

3. Why does the narrator say poetry should be written by children?

4. The narrator says that other people live through their feelings. What does he say that he lives through?

5. What does the narrator's only sense of peace comes from reading?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which does the narrator prefer to write, poetry or prose, and why?

2. What does the narrator notice about a bad lithograph? What does he compare it to and why?

3. Where does the narrator's train trip take him? Why can't he recall any of the sights from his trip?

4. Why does the narrator say he anticipates upcoming events in life?

5. According to the narrator, what are undreamed dreams?

6. What are the narrator's thoughts regarding travel?

7. What correlation between Christianity and romanticism does the narrator make?

8. What does the narrator believe differentiates him from other people? Explain his reasoning.

9. What advice does the narrator discuss for business managers?

10. Does the narrator do good or evil deeds?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define the term "anecdote." Select one anecdote from the book and explain its importance to the book.

Essay Topic 2

Define the term "sequence" as it applies to nonfiction books. Discuss the sequence of The Book of Disquiet.

Essay Topic 3

What is a motif in literature? Specifically discuss two motifs from The Book of Disquiet.

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