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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many sections does The Book of Disquiet have?
(a) 481.
(b) 451.
(c) 281.
(d) 518.

2. What kinds of things tend to hurt the narrator easily, according to him?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Comments made by the office boy.
(c) Small things.
(d) Criticism from his boss.

3. When was the manuscript for this book discovered?
(a) After the author completed the book.
(b) After the author was put in a nursing home.
(c) After the author's death.
(d) After the author told a relative that he'd hidden a manuscript.

4. What is a semiheteronym?
(a) The opposit of a pseudonym.
(b) A term that refers to the writer who questions his/her own sexuality.
(c) A persona that isn't too far away from the writer's personality.
(d) The opposite of a semiantonym.

5. What does the narrator say is done not only to the body, but also to the soul?
(a) The act of clothing.
(b) The act of acting.
(c) The act of fighting.
(d) The act of tedium.

Short Answer Questions

1. What objects of nature does the narrator discuss when he describes Spring?

2. According to the narrator, what kind of people own the world?

3. Who does the narrator call decorative creatures?

4. To what natural occurrence does the narrator liken his own feelings of tedium?

5. What does the narrator say causes him to be even more sensitive to the things of the world?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the narrator's initial feelings in a barber shop and why they changed.

2. Why doesn't the narrator believe that one person can truly love another?

3. Discuss the office boy's travels and the narrator's view of them.

4. Discuss the narrator's conflicting thoughts and statements about his wife.

5. What are the narrator's conflicting views regarding God?

6. What does the narrator say about memories that never occurred?

7. According to the narrator, how does one become a man of action? What role do men of action play in society and why?

8. Who is Omar Khayyám, and how does he differ from the narrator?

9. Why does the narrator say mirrors are a negative invention?

10. What are the narrator's thoughts on writing perfect literature? Which classic example does he analyze to make his point and what does he say about it?

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