Objects & Places from The Book of Disquiet

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Cult of Humanity

This is the opposite of the worship of God.

Roadside Inn

The narrator compares his life to this object.

Rua dos Douradores

This is the street on which the narrator's office is located.

Two Large Pages of the Ledger

The narrator spends a large part of each day looking at these objects.

The Plant

This object represents happiness to the narrator's handicapped neighbor.

The First Floor Dining Room

The narrator often dines at this location.

Calendar Through the Window Opposite

The narrator determines the end of a storm with this object.

The Tagus

This river runs near the narrator's residence.

Mass at the Church of São Domingos

The narrator, as a young person, takes part in rituals here.

Rua da Prata

This road leads to the river near the narrator's residence.

Little-used Stairway Leading to a Beach

This object unleashes a magical change and...

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