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Lesson 1 (from Sections 1 - 40)


Sections 1 - 40

Pessoa, a writer from Portugal, experienced a range of successes in his writing career and this particular book has been labeled as a new classic. To begin the study of The Book of Disquiet, students will focus their studies on this day on learning more about the author.


1) Group activity: Create enough groups to research these topics: the author's family life, the author's educational background, the author's work history, the author's writing successes. Each group will prepares its information to present to the class for discussion.

2) Class discussion: The Book of Disquiet consists of the thoughts of Soares, the narrator of the book. Discuss the life of Fernando Pessoa. Discuss how Pessoa invented the convention of heteronyms in literature. Explain that the narrator, Soares, is an alter ego of Pessoa. What does "alter ego" mean? What other famous writers used another identity to...

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