The Book of Disquiet Character Descriptions

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Senhor Soares

This assistant bookkeeper is the narrator of the book.


This character is described as sincere even though he is self-centered and occasionally short-tempered.


This character, described as a trickster, may actually be an overgrown child who plays games.

Soares's Mother

The narrator blames his own callous nature on a lack of knowledge of this person.

Soares's Father

This character commits suicide.


This head bookkeeper is described as being one of monotonous constancy.


The lack of a name for this living relative indicates lack of attachment.

Office Boy António

This character ties packages during a thunderstorm.

Cesário Verde

This poet is not appreciated for his poetry until after his death.

The Cat

The assistant bookeeper says he would miss this office fixture if ever leaving the job.

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