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Sections 1 - 40

• In Section 1, Soares explains that he has not lost faith in God as have many of the people who live in this time period.

• Soares states that he has also not claimed faith in Humanity, the human species, which is a cult that he believes is not worthy of worship.

• Soares indicates that he joins the group of those kept at a distance from things. He describes this distance as decadence.

• In Section 2, Soares describes his life as a combination of dreaming and action.

• In Section 3, Soares describes the sadness he feels as he walks along his street. He draws a parallel between the daytime business of the streets and his own busy activity during the day. It is only at night that Soares believes he is truly himself.

• In Section 4, Soares transforms back into his job as an assistant bookkeeper. Soares indicates this transformation liberates...

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