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Philippa Gregory
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Henry suspect of plotting a rebellion against him in 1941?
(a) His army.
(b) Papists.
(c) The Privy Council.
(d) Lutherans.

2. What disappoints Katherine about her marriage ceremony?
(a) That her grandmother isn't there.
(b) The people in attendance.
(c) The lack of pomp and formality.
(d) That it is held in secret.

3. Where is Jane taken in November 1541?
(a) To the castle dungeon.
(b) To a convent.
(c) To her parents.
(d) To the Tower.

4. With the presence of Katherine's friends, what has happened to the royal court?
(a) It has become immoral.
(b) It has become dangerous.
(c) It has become focused on the arts.
(d) It has become boring.

5. What position in society is Anne given after her marriage ends?
(a) As equal to a dowager.
(b) As a maid.
(c) As equal to the King's sister.
(d) As equal to the King's mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Katherine fear when Henry refuses to see her when he is sick?

2. Where does Anne expect to be sent?

3. Who is Anne described as being an advocate for?

4. What colors does Katherine wear as she awaits the royal barge?

5. What was the topic of conversation at Katherine's wedding breakfast?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jane reports to Norfolk that Katherine is not yet pregnant, what plot does Norfolk suggest?

2. What will Henry give Anne as part of their marriage settlement? Why does Anne find this amusing?

3. When Jane speaks to Norfolk about the affair between the King's niece and Katherine's brother, what does she realize?

4. In July 1540, what does Anne resolve to do if she survives Henry's judgment?

5. What is Anne accused of in February 1542?

6. What disappoints Katherine about her marriage ceremony?

7. What is Jane haunted by at the Tower?

8. What does Katherine begin to question about Jane in October 1541?

9. What action does Henry take against Katherine's brother and his lover, Lady Margaret Douglas?

10. What does the King worry about Anne's brother? How does Anne try to put his worries to rest?

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