Objects & Places from The Boleyn Inheritance

Philippa Gregory
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This territory is a critical region for King Henry due to its strategic position among the other European countries.

Hampton Court

This is where Henry's court spends spring and the Easter holidays.


This is where the king's court spends Christmas and winter holidays.

London Tower

This is where prisoners are held before execution.

Blickling Hall

This is where Jane Boleyn lives before she returns to court.


This is a pet name Anne's father used for her.

Norfolk House, Lambeth

This is where young Katherine Howard lives in a dormitory with a group of rowdy, sometimes promiscuous girls.

Greenwich Palace

This is where Jane Seymour died during childbirth.

Papists, Reformists and Protestants

These individuals fight for their religious ideals.


This is a large platform-type ship that sailed up and down rivers.

Whitehall Palace

This is the size of a small city and easy to get...

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