The Boleyn Inheritance Character Descriptions

Philippa Gregory
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Anne of Cleves, Queen Anne of England

This person does not yet speak English when arriving in England to be married.

Katherine Howard

This person is a precocious and attractive adolescent.

Jane Boleyn (Lady Rochford)

This person played an integral part in the execution of the King's second wife.

Howard, Duke of Norfolk

This person uses women as spies to manipulate the King and the decisions made by the King's men.

King Henry VIII

This person is obese, has a leg wound that is rotting, teeth that have rotted, and an easily-angered disposition.

Anne Boleyn and George Boleyn

These people have been executed before the story begins.

Dr. Harst

This person is an ambassador.

Duke of Cleves

This character is cruel and jealous and has abused a sister throughout her childhood.

Amelia of Cleves

This person is painted by an artist for the king's inspection but is not...

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