The Boleyn Inheritance Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Philippa Gregory
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July, 1539 Pgs 1-13 | November 1539 Pgs. 17- 38

• Jane is bored of country living and wishes to go back to court.

• Anne hopes to become the next queen.

• Katherine comes from a noble family and likes to count her possessions.

• Katherine believes herself to be in love with Francis Dereham.

• Anne learns that she will be Queen of England, which might help the Protestant movement.

• Katherine and Francis have physical relations, and call it their "wedding."

• Jane returns to court. She dreads meeting Catherine Carey, her niece.

Pages 39 - 49

• Katherine wonders what she will get for Christmas.

• Katherine expresses her fears of dying a spinster

• Katherine is invited to be a maid-in-waiting to the new queen, which gives her a reason to reject Francis.

• Anne is overwhelmed by Calais castle.

• Anne is confused to see Jane Boleyn, who she would have thought would be exiled.

• Jane believes that Anne will...

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