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Short Answer Questions

1. At the rate of their travel, how long did Mowat figure it would take the men to reach the Caribbean?

2. Who presided over the formal baptism of the newly repaired and painted Happy Adventure?

3. Why did the Happy Adventure become a Basque ship while moored at St. Pierre?

4. Who was the first person to speak to Mowat and Jack at Burin Inlet?

5. Where did Mowat and Claire leave Itchy for the winter?

Short Essay Questions

1. How long did it take to repair the Itchy? From where did the money come to make the repairs? What new name did Mowat give the boat?

2. What was the Happy Adventure's new name after her christening? What did Mowat and Mike decide to call her for short? Why?

3. When Jack went below to listen to the radio and help establish where they were, what did he learn from the radio news? What did they decide to do about their predicament?

4. What direction did the Happy Adventure insist on avoiding as Mowat sailed her for the years following the incident in St Pierre? What happened when he attempted to sail her in that direction? What became his cry as he realized the Happy Adventure had won the battle of directions?

5. Who was Paulo? Where and how did Mowat meet him? What did he do for the Happy Adventure?

6. At what point did Mike Donovan leave the Itchy and why? How did he feel about separating from the boat and her crew?

7. What did McClelland learn when he called his office from Burin Cove? How did his plans change after the phone call? What promise did he make to Mowat after the call?

8. Who decided how the Happy Adventure was to be painted after her overhaul at Paulo's harbor? What colors were chosen for the boat? Who oversaw the painting of the boat?

9. Chapter 16 is titled "The Game Is Played." What was the game? Who played the game?

10. Who joined Mowat and Mike aboard the Itchy before they set sail? What was this person doing on the island, and from where did this person originally come?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did Mowat use both sarcasm and understatement as a form of humor? Give examples. What other kinds of humor did Mowat use in the telling of his story?

Essay Topic 2

What is "The Old Man in the Sea?" Explain what it is and the ritual that accompanies it.

Essay Topic 3

Who was Mike Donovan, and when did he appear in the story? How did Mowat describe him? What was his job at home, and how did Donovan explain his trip to Newfoundland to his bosses? What kind of personality is Donovan?

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