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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Mowat step on in the middle of the night aboard the Happy Adventure?

2. What was alky and how was it distributed?

3. What kinds of things did Mowat have done to the Happy Adventure while they were in Spoon Cove?

4. Where did all the men go to celebrate the successful launching of the Happy Adventure?

5. What did the Moulton boys catch while fishing in the pond beyond the harbor?

Short Essay Questions

1. After finding safe harbor for the night, who did Mowat and McClelland meet when they woke in the morning? What did the their unexpected visitor offer the two men?

2. When did Mike Donovan arrive to stay on the Happy Adventure? What was unusual about what Mike brought with him on the trip? What did he contribute?

3. On their way to St. Pierre, what sea creatures did Mowat and Donovan encounter? What large sea creature did the men think might capsize their boat? What was it, actually?

4. Why did Mowat finally give up his plan to sail the Atlantic?

5. Chapter 16 is titled "The Game Is Played." What was the game? Who played the game?

6. What surprise did Mowat and Mike find when they retired below the ship to sleep? Who had given the men this surprise, and what did Mowat do with the gift?

7. Who decided how the Happy Adventure was to be painted after her overhaul at Paulo's harbor? What colors were chosen for the boat? Who oversaw the painting of the boat?

8. When Jack went below to listen to the radio and help establish where they were, what did he learn from the radio news? What did they decide to do about their predicament?

9. Who attended the private christening ceremony of the Happy Adventure? What happened at the ceremony that was of interest?

10. Who joined Mowat and Mike aboard the Itchy before they set sail? What was this person doing on the island, and from where did this person originally come?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Happy Adventure had a name change half way into the story. What was her new name? What did Mowat and Donovan say the name sounded like when they pronounced it? What did they call the boat instead? How was this an example of Mowat's temperament throughout most of his experience with his very temperamental boat?

Essay Topic 2

The only disdain and criticism Mowat displayed in his story was that for the wealthy yacht owners and motor boat drivers. There was a stark difference between the Mowat disdainful of the rich and Mowat enthralled by the natives. Discuss Mowat's opinions about the yacht and speed boat owners, why he felt the way he did, and what stories he told about dealing with them.

Essay Topic 3

Mowat spoke with great respect about the creativity and ingenuity of the people he met in harbor towns. What are some examples of the kinds of creativity and ingenuity he experienced during his time in Newfoundland? Why did Mowat think of these examples as typical of the people of Newfoundland living along the water?

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