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Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Mowat say Theo resembled?

2. At the rate of their travel, how long did Mowat figure it would take the men to reach the Caribbean?

3. What did Paulo mount to the bow of his boat?

4. Who stayed with the Itchy while Claire and Mowat took their excursion with Theo?

5. What was Theo's boat named after?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did McClelland learn when he called his office from Burin Cove? How did his plans change after the phone call? What promise did he make to Mowat after the call?

2. On their way to St. Pierre, what sea creatures did Mowat and Donovan encounter? What large sea creature did the men think might capsize their boat? What was it, actually?

3. Who was Paulo? Where and how did Mowat meet him? What did he do for the Happy Adventure?

4. Who decided how the Happy Adventure was to be painted after her overhaul at Paulo's harbor? What colors were chosen for the boat? Who oversaw the painting of the boat?

5. How long did it take to repair the Itchy? From where did the money come to make the repairs? What new name did Mowat give the boat?

6. When sailing aboard the Happy Adventure toward their chosen destination, who did Mowat and Jack meet in St Mary's Bay, and what did they learn at that moment?

7. After finding safe harbor for the night, who did Mowat and McClelland meet when they woke in the morning? What did the their unexpected visitor offer the two men?

8. Who was Blanche? What story did Paulo relate to Mowat about Blanche?

9. When Jack went below to listen to the radio and help establish where they were, what did he learn from the radio news? What did they decide to do about their predicament?

10. When Mowat returned to St.Pierre in the spring, what did he learn about the men in whose charge he had left the Itchy? What condition was the boat in when Mowat found it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This story is a memoir of Mowat's adventures aboard his boat, the Happy Adventure. In what ways does a memoir differ from an autobiography? Why is The Boat Who Wouldn't Float a memoir rather than an autobiography? What changes would the author need to make in his book for it to be an autobiography?

Essay Topic 2

Farley Mowat and Jack McClelland are two very different personality types. Compare and contrast the two men and use examples from the book to support your essay.

Essay Topic 3

Who decided the Happy Adventure should attend Expo 67 in Montreal? How did Mowat originally react to the plan, and why did he change his mind? How did the townspeople react when they heard the Happy Adventure was going to sail to Montreal? How was Jack McClelland's reaction to this news typical of his personality?

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