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Short Answer Questions

1. How long did the boat maker think it would take to repair Mowat's boat?

2. What came special delivery to Mowat and Jack as they worked on their broken boat engine?

3. When did Mowat finally help Enos work on the boat?

4. Why did Jack McClelland not arrive in St. John's by plane as he had planned?

5. What did Jack drive his car into upon arriving at Muddy Hole?

Short Essay Questions

1. How much money did Mowat have to spend on a boat? What did he finally find in his price range, and where did he and Harold go to purchase the boat?

2. Why was Muddy Hole a huge adjustment for McClelland?

3. What was the ritual Mowat performed called the Old Man in the Sea? Where did he learn this?

4. Where did the men go to find the tools and supplies they could not readily find in St John's? How did Mowat travel to this alternate shopping area?

5. What did Mowat realize when he arrived in Muddy Hole to take over his boat? Why was Mowat upset and worried?

6. How did Mowat know Jack McClelland? What did the two men decide to do after meeting at a bar one night?

7. What did McClelland do to reorganize the repair plan for the boat? What was the first thing he decided to change?

8. What did the villagers bring the men to eat while they were living and working aboard the boat? What did Enos finally teach Mowat and McClelland to do with the abundance of food they were given?

9. After Mowat and McClelland's boat was repaired, what did Enos do? Why did everyone think this unusual?

10. Whom did Mowat and McClelland select to be the captain of their boat? Why did they chose this individual?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who decided the Happy Adventure should attend Expo 67 in Montreal? How did Mowat originally react to the plan, and why did he change his mind? How did the townspeople react when they heard the Happy Adventure was going to sail to Montreal? How was Jack McClelland's reaction to this news typical of his personality?

Essay Topic 2

Mowat spoke with great respect about the creativity and ingenuity of the people he met in harbor towns. What are some examples of the kinds of creativity and ingenuity he experienced during his time in Newfoundland? Why did Mowat think of these examples as typical of the people of Newfoundland living along the water?

Essay Topic 3

Fog played a major role in the story Farley Mowat told about his adventures on the Happy Adventure. What two important kinds of fog were there in the story, and what role did each type play in the story?

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