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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mowat say was the advantage of Mike being ignorant of the schooner and her history?
(a) It would be easy for him to repair the boat.
(b) He did not know to be nervous.
(c) He would not get in Mowat's way.
(d) He would get the boat to Montreal.

2. How does a helmsman push the tiller to steer the boat?
(a) In the opposite direction he wants to go.
(b) To the left to turn left.
(c) In the same direction he wants to go.
(d) To the right to turn right.

3. What did Jack do at Burin Cove?
(a) Decided to abandon the adventure.
(b) Decided to buy a new engine.
(c) Decided to go back to Toronto temporarily.
(d) Decided to sell the ship and go home to Toronto.

4. What was the new name given to the Happy Adventure?
(a) Itchizooma, Alai.
(b) Itchegoomi Alai.
(c) Itchiandscratchi Alai.
(d) Itchatchozale Alai.

5. Where did Jack hid his rum bottles?
(a) In a chest in the corner of the engine room.
(b) Under a pile of clothes in his bunk.
(c) In the lazaret.
(d) Under a pile of rags in the engine room.

Short Answer Questions

1. What important thing did Mowat do to Itchy over the winter?

2. What was Theo's boat named after?

3. How did Mowat unload the passengers he had taken for a test run of the Itchy?

4. Who was Martin Dutin, and what was his job during the repainting of the Happy Adventure?

5. What did the Happy Adventure come within fifty yards of hitting in the fog?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprise did Mowat and Mike find when they retired below the ship to sleep? Who had given the men this surprise, and what did Mowat do with the gift?

2. Why did Mowat finally give up his plan to sail the Atlantic?

3. What direction did the Happy Adventure insist on avoiding as Mowat sailed her for the years following the incident in St Pierre? What happened when he attempted to sail her in that direction? What became his cry as he realized the Happy Adventure had won the battle of directions?

4. Who was Blanche? What story did Paulo relate to Mowat about Blanche?

5. How did the people on the island celebrate the public christening of the ship?

6. Who decided how the Happy Adventure was to be painted after her overhaul at Paulo's harbor? What colors were chosen for the boat? Who oversaw the painting of the boat?

7. Who was Paulo? Where and how did Mowat meet him? What did he do for the Happy Adventure?

8. When Mowat returned to St.Pierre in the spring, what did he learn about the men in whose charge he had left the Itchy? What condition was the boat in when Mowat found it?

9. What plan did Mowat, Mike, Theo, and the others devise to redecorate the Itchy for her christening? Why did they come up with this plan?

10. When Jack went below to listen to the radio and help establish where they were, what did he learn from the radio news? What did they decide to do about their predicament?

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