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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the Happy Adventure come within fifty yards of hitting in the fog?
(a) An oceanliner.
(b) A whale.
(c) A schooner.
(d) A fishing boat.

2. Who stayed with the Itchy while Claire and Mowat took their excursion with Theo?
(a) Wilbur.
(b) Mike.
(c) Harold.
(d) Enos.

3. What did Mowat say was the advantage of Mike being ignorant of the schooner and her history?
(a) He did not know to be nervous.
(b) He would get the boat to Montreal.
(c) He would not get in Mowat's way.
(d) It would be easy for him to repair the boat.

4. Who was the first person to speak to Mowat and Jack at Burin Inlet?
(a) An elderly gentleman who invited them to Sunday dinner.
(b) Mike Donovan.
(c) The skipper of the schooner also in the inlet.
(d) The mayor of the town who wanted an explanation.

5. What does barking do to the fish nets?
(a) Keeps them from being eaten by birds.
(b) Keeps them from tangling under water.
(c) Keeps them from being eaten by the larger fish.
(d) Keeps them from rotting when under water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Mike and Mowat encounter in the fog while drifting in the Atlantic?

2. What kinds of things did Mowat have done to the Happy Adventure while they were in Spoon Cove?

3. Where did the crew decide to sail the boat after her christening?

4. What cargo did Itchy take aboard in Miquelon?

5. What did Mowat step on in the middle of the night aboard the Happy Adventure?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jack went below to listen to the radio and help establish where they were, what did he learn from the radio news? What did they decide to do about their predicament?

2. Who attended the private christening ceremony of the Happy Adventure? What happened at the ceremony that was of interest?

3. Where did Mowat and McClelland decide to sail, instead of sailing the Atlantic? Why did they choose that destination?

4. On their way to St. Pierre, what sea creatures did Mowat and Donovan encounter? What large sea creature did the men think might capsize their boat? What was it, actually?

5. When Mowat returned to St.Pierre in the spring, what did he learn about the men in whose charge he had left the Itchy? What condition was the boat in when Mowat found it?

6. When sailing aboard the Happy Adventure toward their chosen destination, who did Mowat and Jack meet in St Mary's Bay, and what did they learn at that moment?

7. How long did it take to repair the Itchy? From where did the money come to make the repairs? What new name did Mowat give the boat?

8. What was the Happy Adventure's new name after her christening? What did Mowat and Mike decide to call her for short? Why?

9. What direction did the Happy Adventure insist on avoiding as Mowat sailed her for the years following the incident in St Pierre? What happened when he attempted to sail her in that direction? What became his cry as he realized the Happy Adventure had won the battle of directions?

10. After finding safe harbor for the night, who did Mowat and McClelland meet when they woke in the morning? What did the their unexpected visitor offer the two men?

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