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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the Happy Adventure leave harbor on her first voyage?
(a) She did not; she crashed into rocks.
(b) Smoothly with sails unfurled.
(c) Backwards under full sail.
(d) With both sails and engine pushing her forward.

2. What was the William Carson?
(a) The ship that was anchored next to Mowat's new boat.
(b) The ferry that sailed across the St Lawrence Seaway.
(c) The ship that sailed from Cape Breton to London.
(d) The ferry that went to Newfoundland from Cape Breton.

3. What did Jack and Mowat decide to do with the bottles of open rum?
(a) Drink it themselves.
(b) Use it for cooking.
(c) Share it with other work sites.
(d) Give it out to the men.

4. Where did Mowat attend an auction as an adult?
(a) A small town near Lake Erie.
(b) A small town near Lake Huron.
(c) A small town near Lake Superior.
(d) A small town near Lake Ontario.

5. What was unusual about the bunks Enos built in the boat?
(a) They were hard and short.
(b) They were slanted and splintery.
(c) They were comfortable.
(d) They were slanted and soft.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was considered bad luck at the start of a voyage?

2. What happened to Morry's transcription of his memories of Ferryland?

3. How long did the boat maker think it would take to repair Mowat's boat?

4. What did Mowat refer to as the most salient quality of Newfoundlanders?

5. What kinds of things did Passion Flower carry back to Muddy Hole from St. Shotts?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did McClelland do to reorganize the repair plan for the boat? What was the first thing he decided to change?

2. Why did the crew working on the boat agree to McClelland's plan to streamline purchasing? What did McClelland learn about St. John's?

3. What happened to the Happy Adventure on its first voyage? What was unusual about the boat's departure form the harbor?

4. Who was Howard Morry? How did Mowat meet him?

5. What was the ritual Mowat performed called the Old Man in the Sea? Where did he learn this?

6. After Mowat and McClelland's boat was repaired, what did Enos do? Why did everyone think this unusual?

7. How much money did Mowat have to spend on a boat? What did he finally find in his price range, and where did he and Harold go to purchase the boat?

8. What was the Passion Flower? How did it get its name? Why was it important to Mowat?

9. Where did the men go to find the tools and supplies they could not readily find in St John's? How did Mowat travel to this alternate shopping area?

10. How did Mowat know Jack McClelland? What did the two men decide to do after meeting at a bar one night?

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