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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After casting about lost in fog and darkness, what did Mowat and Jack finally hear?
(a) "Watch out!"
(b) Music from a shore.
(c) A foghorn.
(d) "Ahoy there!"

2. When the Happy Adventure sailed into the open waters, what happened to Mike?
(a) He became sick to his stomach and vomited overboard.
(b) He became excited and drank a glass of rum.
(c) He poured a glass of rum for the Old Man in the Sea.
(d) He accidentally fell overboard.

3. What do the people living near Bay d'Espoir call the bay?
(a) Bay of Tears.
(b) Bay of Hope.
(c) Bay Crystal.
(d) Bay Despair.

4. Why was the cargo brought onto Itchy stored on the deck rather than below?
(a) So it was readily available to the crew.
(b) So it would not get wet below.
(c) So it could easily be jettisoned if necessary.
(d) So it would not keel over and break.

5. What did the people of Newfoundland refer to as "the game"?
(a) The movement for game fishing.
(b) Permitting off-season hunting.
(c) Keeping drugs out of the country.
(d) The war against smuggling.

6. Why had Claire come to the islands and aboard Mowat's boat?
(a) To study navigation.
(b) To study her French.
(c) To study Italian.
(d) To study shipbuilding.

7. What symbiotic relationship did Mowat and Clarie witness while on their excursion on the Columbier?
(a) That between the dogs and the puffins.
(b) That between the puffins and the rats.
(c) That between the puffins and the residents.
(d) That between the rats and the residents.

8. When Mowat arrived in St Pierre, who did he find waiting for him.
(a) No one.
(b) Theo and Ella.
(c) Ella and a few townspeople.
(d) Theo.

9. In what vehicle did Mike Donovan arrive in Spoon Cove?
(a) A jeep.
(b) A Cadillac.
(c) A Volkswagen.
(d) A Buick convertible.

10. What did Paulo mount to the bow of his boat?
(a) A brass bell taken from Theo's house.
(b) A brass hammer taken from Paulo's father.
(c) A brass cannon taken from the governor's house.
(d) A brass candelabra taken from the mayor's house.

11. What was the St. Eugene?
(a) The the ocean liner on its way to port.
(b) The ship that picked up the ailing Oregon.
(c) The rescue boat Mie sent out for the group.
(d) The ship that wrecked into the Oregon.

12. What did Mowat see had happened to the stern of the Itchy over the winter?
(a) It was totally missing from the ship.
(b) It was painted dark black.
(c) It was painted bright yellow.
(d) It appeared to be partially chewed off.

13. Why did Jack McClelland decide not to join Mowat for another season of sailing?
(a) He was no longer interested in sailing.
(b) He had taken ill over the winter.
(c) His family and friends forbade it.
(d) He was moving to Seattle.

14. Where did Jack hid his rum bottles?
(a) Under a pile of clothes in his bunk.
(b) Under a pile of rags in the engine room.
(c) In the lazaret.
(d) In a chest in the corner of the engine room.

15. What did it mean to "slap a blanket on the schooner?"
(a) Give the boat a ticket.
(b) Take the boat to the nearest salvage yard.
(c) Cover the boat for the winter.
(d) Arrest the boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the new name given to the Happy Adventure?

2. Who gave a gala reception at L'Escal?

3. What did Mowat say was the advantage of Mike being ignorant of the schooner and her history?

4. Why did Mowat and Jack decide they had to reach Little Burin Island?

5. What did the Happy Adventure come within fifty yards of hitting in the fog?

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