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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Jack do for most of the Happy Adventure's first voyage?
(a) Tried to start the stubborn engine.
(b) Poured rum for the two men.
(c) Worked the sails.
(d) Pumped water out of the leaking boat.

2. Who did Mowat credit as being a master improviser?
(a) Howard Morry.
(b) Jack McClelland.
(c) Enos Coffin.
(d) Himself.

3. Who did Wilbur say he was when Mowat first met him?
(a) A short order cook.
(b) The local drunk.
(c) An old seaman.
(d) A car repairman.

4. What did Enos always do at times of stress?
(a) Whistled a sailor's tune.
(b) Took out his teeth.
(c) Cursed the sea.
(d) Prayed aloud.

5. What did Jack and Mowat decide to do with the bottles of open rum?
(a) Use it for cooking.
(b) Share it with other work sites.
(c) Drink it themselves.
(d) Give it out to the men.

6. What was the original name for Mowat and Jack's boat?
(a) The Nancy Ann.
(b) The Ever Ready.
(c) The name was lost in the records of the ship.
(d) The Hallohans never gave the boat a name.

7. What did Enos lose when he went into the woods to hunt caribou?
(a) He slept at home.
(b) He got lost.
(c) He shot his foot.
(d) He lost his glasses.

8. How did Jack, Mowat, and their friends christen the Happy Adventure?
(a) They sat in her cabin and toasted their new boat.
(b) They hit the bow with a bottle of rum.
(c) They took her out in the bay and drank a toast.
(d) They went into town and bought drinks for everyone in the bar.

9. What did the American capitalist Cyrus Eaton welcome to Pugwash every year?
(a) The Thinkers' Conference.
(b) The Whalers' Weekend.
(c) The Fishermen's Meeting.
(d) The Seamen's Conference.

10. What had the Windsor family operated for generations?
(a) A bar and restaurant.
(b) A motel and inn.
(c) A fish cannery.
(d) A whaling factory.

11. Why did Jack McClelland not arrive in St. John's by plane as he had planned?
(a) He decided he wanted to come by boat.
(b) The fog was too dense.
(c) A hurricane was whipping up.
(d) There were mechanical problems on the plane.

12. How long did the men work on the Happy Adventure in Trepassey?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Just a few days.
(c) About a week.
(d) Over a month.

13. What came special delivery to Mowat and Jack as they worked on their broken boat engine?
(a) A manual on repairs and spare parts.
(b) Parts for the repair and bottles of rum.
(c) A new engine and directions.
(d) Parts for the repair and a map of the seas.

14. Where did the Happy Adventure finally stop in Trepassey Harbor?
(a) Just outside of the main dock.
(b) Next to the fish plant.
(c) At the local bar.
(d) On the steep rocks.

15. How long was the passage across Newfoundland?
(a) Five hundred and fifty miles.
(b) Two thousand miles.
(c) Nine hundred and fifty miles.
(d) Three thousand miles.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the Happy Adventure leave harbor on her first voyage?

2. What last thing did the old skipper do for Mowat and Jack before leaving the Harbor?

3. What did Jack believe was the major problem the men faced in repairing the boat?

4. Who did Mowat think was an excellent choice for the pilot of their ship?

5. How did Mowat describe the water leaking into his boat?

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