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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are a ship's trials?
(a) The anchor.
(b) The first tentative voyage.
(c) The problems that arrise during the sail.
(d) The moorings.

2. What last thing did the old skipper do for Mowat and Jack before leaving the Harbor?
(a) Told them to leave the Harbor as soon as they could.
(b) Taught them how to repair a sail.
(c) Taught them how to use a compass.
(d) Told them the story of the Harbor.

3. How did Mowat cook while living on the boat?
(a) With a gasoline stove.
(b) With an hibachi.
(c) With a grill.
(d) With a bonfire.

4. How did Mowat describe the water leaking into his boat?
(a) It came thorugh every pore of the boat.
(b) It came in up through the bottom of the boat.
(c) It came in through the hole on the sdie of the boat.
(d) It came in through the bow of the boat.

5. When did Mowat finally help Enos work on the boat?
(a) When he felt he had to finish the job himself.
(b) When he returned from St. Lawrence.
(c) When Enos's helpers did not show up for work.
(d) When Enos needed an extra pair of hands.

6. What had the Windsor family operated for generations?
(a) A fish cannery.
(b) A bar and restaurant.
(c) A whaling factory.
(d) A motel and inn.

7. Who did Mowat credit as being a master improviser?
(a) Enos Coffin.
(b) Jack McClelland.
(c) Himself.
(d) Howard Morry.

8. Who did Mowat find cooking breakfast for him the morning after his first day's driving?
(a) An off duty police officer.
(b) A local pig farmer.
(c) A college roommate.
(d) A total stranger.

9. What did Jack believe was the major problem the men faced in repairing the boat?
(a) Manpower.
(b) Money.
(c) Organization.
(d) Time.

10. Who was Jennie Barnes?
(a) The ship that joined the Happy Adventure in the government wharf.
(b) The ship that Mowat and Jack exchanged their ship for.
(c) The new captain of the Happy Adventure.
(d) The woman who helped the Happy Adventure out to sea.

11. Where did the men begin having troubles with the Happy Adventure?
(a) Near Cape Race.
(b) Near Cape Trepassey,
(c) Near Cape May.
(d) Near Cape St John.

12. What kind of fish did Morry and Mowat fish for early one morning?
(a) Cod.
(b) Salmon.
(c) Trout.
(d) Sole.

13. What came special delivery to Mowat and Jack as they worked on their broken boat engine?
(a) A new engine and directions.
(b) Parts for the repair and a map of the seas.
(c) A manual on repairs and spare parts.
(d) Parts for the repair and bottles of rum.

14. How old was Howard Morry?
(a) In his sixties.
(b) In his eighties.
(c) In his thirties.
(d) In his fifties.

15. What did Mowat's father buy at an auction when Mowat was a child?
(a) Antique furniture for their home.
(b) A tractor and other farm equipment.
(c) Bees and bee keeping equipment.
(d) A Quick Bake cast iron oven for their kitchen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of car did Jack rent in St John's to drive to Muddy Hole?

2. What did Enos lose when he went into the woods to hunt caribou?

3. What colors were painted on Enos's house?

4. What did Jack do for most of the Happy Adventure's first voyage?

5. What is screech?

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