The Boat Who Wouldn't Float Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why did the author have a fear of auctions? How did he find himself at an auction as the story opened?

The author explained that when he was young, he accompanied his father to an auction. At the auction, his father bought thirty hives of bees and the bee keeping equipment to start a bee yard. Mowat knew his father did not want to be a bee keeper; he just felt compelled to buy the bees because he was at the auction.

2. How did Mowat know Jack McClelland? What did the two men decide to do after meeting at a bar one night?

Mowat knew McClelland because he was a publisher and the two had a lot in common. The night they sat in a bar in Toronto, the two men decided to purchase a boat together and sail on oceans and seas all over the world. The men also decided that Newfoundland was the place to buy a boat.

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