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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of plant pumped its waste into the water at the slip in which Mowat's boat rested?
(a) A rubber plant.
(b) A cereal factory.
(c) A shoe factory.
(d) A fish plant.

2. What was considered one of the toughest woods in the world?
(a) Newfoundland black spruce.
(b) Newfoundland fir pine.
(c) Newfoundland yellow oak.
(d) Newfoundland birch.

3. What last thing did the old skipper do for Mowat and Jack before leaving the Harbor?
(a) Taught them how to use a compass.
(b) Told them the story of the Harbor.
(c) Taught them how to repair a sail.
(d) Told them to leave the Harbor as soon as they could.

4. Who was Peter Easton?
(a) A captiain in the Royal Navy who became one of the most famous pirates of all time.
(b) A captain in the Royal Navy who rose to the rank of General in WWII.
(c) A captain in the Royal Navy who led the fleet into battle in the Pacific.
(d) A captain in the Royal Navy who fought the Britisih in the War of 1812.

5. What are fish flakes?
(a) Fish that has been cured.
(b) Scales from fish that fall to the ground.
(c) Racks for drying fish.
(d) Fish food.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Jack McClelland?

2. What kinds of things did Passion Flower carry back to Muddy Hole from St. Shotts?

3. What kind of fish did Morry and Mowat fish for early one morning?

4. Who was Jennie Barnes?

5. What ship did Jack and Mowat name their boat after?

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