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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


Chapters 1-5

Mowat's adventure with his boat takes place in Newfoundland. The object of the lesson is to examine what Mowat found both appealing and not so appealing about Newfoundland.


1) Class Discussion: Where is Newfoundland? What countries are near Newfoundland? How did McClelland and Mowat decide to buy a boat and sail from Newfoundland? What was available there that was not available in other places?

2) Group Discussion: Mowat quoted a description of Newfoundland he wrote for another book. In groups, discuss Mowat's description of the island. What made the island unique to Mowat? For example, he pointed out that three sides of the island point to the sea. How did he describe the physical terrain of the island? Based on his description, draw a picture of Newfoundland. Does he give enough information to make a rough sketch of the island's terrain, its location in the...

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