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Locate a map of Newfoundland and trace the route Mowat took driving across Newfoundland in Passion Flower. Find the major towns, ports, and cities Mowat mentions in his travels.

Tee Shirts

Design a tee shirt for Mowat, McClelland, and their crew. Print a tee shirt from your design.

Passion Flower

Create a three dimensional replication of the Passion Flower. Be sure to include the many additions, modifications, and apparatus Mowat described as part of his jeep.

Farley Mowat

Research Farley Mowat. Where does he live today? What other books has he written?


Mowat describes much of the food the men ate aboard the Happy Adventure in the early part of their adventures. Create a menu for a typical meal, then cook a meal for the class.


Mowat used rum as a means of payment and entertainment and talked a great deal about the liquor. What...

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