The Boat Who Wouldn't Float Character Descriptions

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Farley Mowat

This person is a sailor, conservationist, and the author of the book.

Jack McClelland

This person is a publisher friend of the author's and joins him for part of his travels.

Enos Coffin

This is the man responsible for repairing the boat that the author and a friend had purchased.


This man is large and strong, helps with the boat repairs, and runs errands with the author.

Hallohan Brothers

These are two of the people who trick the author into buying the boat.


This is a man the author picks up on the road who says he is a seaman but actually lives in a mental hospital.

Harold Hardwood

This person lives in a small shore town and helps the author with his boat.

Morry Family

This group of people is kind to the author and teaches him about local traditions and culture.

Claire Mowat

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