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Short Answer Questions

1. What pet does Jane first attempt to play with in the story from Part I?

2. In what year does the author say in the Foreword that she began the “story” that would eventually lead to The Bluest Eye?

3. What does Pecola’s mother demand that Pecola’s father get out of bed and go get for her in their argument in Part II?

4. What does Toni Morrison refer to as the “most delicate member of society” in the book’s Foreword?

5. What is Mr. Henry’s last name?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator compare the state of being “put out” with being “outdoors” in “Autumn”?

2. According to some critics, the three versions of the reader presented on the first page of The Bluest Eye represent three lifestyles presented in the novel. What does the third version represent?

3. Why does Pecola Breedlove come to live with the MacTeers in “Autumn”?

4. Who can be seen in Part I as characters that face trouble assimilating into “white society’s standards of beauty”?

5. What does the narrator discuss regarding property-owning black families and their motivations in “Autumn”?

6. What information is related to the reader in the brief italicized preface before “Autumn”?

7. What is the primary setting for the novel? How is the author connected to this setting?

8. How is Mr. Henry described in “Autumn”? What is his role in the MacTeer home?

9. Describe the “Dick and Jane” reader presented in Part I. How does this excerpt change in each retelling?

10. How is the MacTeer home described in “Autumn”? How are the relationships between the children and the adults characterized?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the actions and objectives of Frieda and Claudia in their interaction with Maureen Peal in “Winter.” What do the girls hope to gain by befriending Maureen? Why do they defend Pecola? What are their objectives after they part ways with Maureen?

Essay Topic 2

Describe and discuss racial discrimination within black communities in the United States. How and why, in the novel, is Maureen Peal depicted as being of a higher stature because of the lighter color of her skin tone? What discrimination does Maureen face in her community and in the white community?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the theme of “the other” in The Bluest Eye. How is Pecola a metaphorical representation of “the other”? How is her outsider status important to the novel’s narrator? Why do Frieda and Claudia attempt to make Pecola feel less like an outsider?

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