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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Maureen Peal said to have “even bought and liked” in Part III?
(a) White rice.
(b) White milk.
(c) White flour.
(d) White bread.

2. How did Pauline Williams injure her foot when she was young?
(a) She fell down the stairs.
(b) She kicked a door.
(c) She stepped on a rusty nail.
(d) A dog bit her.

3. In what magazine does Claudia imagine the girls who come from places like Mobile and Aiken reading in Part III?
(a) The Justice Magazine.
(b) The Equality Magazine.
(c) The Freedom Magazine.
(d) The Liberty Magazine.

4. Maureen tells Claudia, Pecola and Frieda that her uncle sued which ice cream company in Part III?
(a) Breyer’s.
(b) Dove.
(c) Blue Bunny.
(d) Isaley’s.

5. What nickname do Claudia and Frieda call Maureen Peal in Part III?
(a) Mary Anne.
(b) Meringue Pie.
(c) Banana Peel.
(d) Molasses Syrup.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the prostitutes in Part III is described as “thin, aging, absentminded, and unaggressive”?

2. In describing Pecola’s mother in Part IV, the narrator says, “Holding Cholly as a model of sin and failure, she bore him like a crown of thorns, and her children like” what?

3. What were the baby twin siblings of Pauline Williams called, according to the narrator in Part IV?

4. What does the narrator say Aunt Jimmy died of in Part IV?

5. What does Frieda say her mother hit Mr. Henry with in Part IV?

Short Essay Questions

1. What misunderstanding at the ice cream parlor contributes to the growing tension between Claudia and Maureen in “Winter”?

2. “See the Cat…” begins with a discussion of what “types of girls”? Where are these individuals from?

3. Why does Frieda tell Claudia has happened with Mr. Henry in the beginning of Part IV?

4. How is Maureen Peal described when she is first introduced in “Winter”?

5. What are the perceptions of Claudia and Frieda as they wait to leave with Pecola from her mother’s workplace in “Spring”?

6. How does the narrator describe her father’s face in the opening of “Winter”? What imagery is used?

7. How does the narrator distinguish the difference between “colored girls” and “black girls” in “See the Cat…”?

8. What exchange takes place between Maginot Line and Claudia and Frieda in “Spring”?

9. What leads to Claudia and Frieda buying snacks at Miss Bertha’s in Part III?

10. To whom do Claudia and Frieda turn in order to obtain whiskey in “Spring”? Why?

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