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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What flowers does the narrator say even now hold no cheer for her in the spring in Part IV?
(a) Magnolias.
(b) Forsythias.
(c) Jonquils.
(d) Tulips.

2. Where did Cholly Breedlove first find work when he came to Lorain, Ohio?
(a) The slaughterhouses.
(b) The cornfields.
(c) The steel mills.
(d) The river barges.

3. Claudia says of the girls who come from places like Mobile and Aiken that they “hold their behind in for fear of a sway too” what, in Part III?
(a) “Wide.”
(b) “Free.”
(c) “Retired.”
(d) “Wild.”

4. Which of the prostitutes in town does Mrs. MacTeer say is a “ruined” woman?
(a) Maginot Line.
(b) Miss Forrester.
(c) Miss Delia Jones.
(d) Miss Julia.

5. Who is the gym teacher that Maureen describes as bow-legged in Part III?
(a) Miss Peal.
(b) Miss Cain.
(c) Miss Forrester.
(d) Miss Erkmeister.

Short Answer Questions

1. When describing the girls who come from places like Mobile and Aiken, Claudia says in Part III that they go to what kind of colleges?

2. The narrator refers to her father in Part III as a “wolf killer turned” what?

3. Who had at one time been the idols of Geraldine’s son, according to the narrator in Part III?

4. In speaking of Cholly, Mrs. Breedlove says in Part IV, “I started to leave him once, but something came up. Once, after he tried to” do what?

5. With what animal does Geraldine’s son torment Pecola in Part III?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator distinguish the difference between “colored girls” and “black girls” in “See the Cat…”?

2. Why does Frieda tell Claudia has happened with Mr. Henry in the beginning of Part IV?

3. “See the Cat…” begins with a discussion of what “types of girls”? Where are these individuals from?

4. What leads to Claudia and Frieda buying snacks at Miss Bertha’s in Part III?

5. How does the narrator describe the blooming flowers and twigs in the opening of “Spring”?

6. What does Mr. Henry tell Claudia and Frieda about his unexpected guests in Part III? What do the girls do?

7. How does Mrs. Breedlove respond when she finds the spilled cobbler in “Spring”?

8. Who do Claudia and Frieda encounter leaving their house when they return from Miss Bertha’s store in Part III?

9. How is Geraldine’s family described in “See the Cat…”? Upon what does Geraldine focus her affection?

10. What are Pauline Breedlove’s feelings about motherhood, according to the narrator in “See Mother…”?

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