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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part II, the narrator says that “drunken men with sober eyes sing in the lobby” of what hotel?
(a) “The Polish hotel.”
(b) “The English hotel.”
(c) “The Spanish hotel.”
(d) “The Greek hotel.”

2. The narrator in Part II describes the adults as treating illness in children with what?
(a) Sympathy.
(b) Empathy.
(c) Contempt.
(d) Mercy.

3. Who does Frieda say told her about menstruation in Part II?
(a) Sammy.
(b) Mildred.
(c) Pecola.
(d) Claudia.

4. Which movie does Maureen say the name Pecola is from in Part III?
(a) East of Eden.
(b) Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.
(c) Imitation of Life.
(d) Vertigo.

5. What is Maureen Peal said to have “even bought and liked” in Part III?
(a) White flour.
(b) White bread.
(c) White milk.
(d) White rice.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author states in the Foreword, “In trying to dramatize the devastation that even casual racial contempt can cause I chose a unique situation, not" what?

2. How old is Pecola when she lives by the pizza parlor in the narrator’s description in Part II?

3. Near what local coal company does the narrator say she sometimes goes in the evenings with grown-ups to fill burlap sacks with coal in Part II?

4. In the third narrative of the Jane story in Part I, what has been taken away?

5. Where does Maginot Line say Pecola has gone when Claudia and Frieda come looking for her in Part IV?

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