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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the rumor about Corlath and magic?
(a) He is trying to find a sorcerer.
(b) It has made him insane.
(c) He has no magic.
(d) His magic showed itself when he was a baby.

2. From what ancestral line is Corlath?
(a) Basil and Dulingo.
(b) Aerin and Tor.
(c) Gabor and Vickton.
(d) Tor and Corithn.

3. In what kind of business is Mathin's family?
(a) Blacksmiths.
(b) Sheep farmers.
(c) Horse trainers.
(d) Warriors.

4. What does Amelia tell Harry concerning Harry's friends?
(a) To leave them with enough time so Harry won't be late to lunch.
(b) They are not appropriate for Harry.
(c) To bring them to lunch.
(d) To ask them to spend the night.

5. What does Jack hope is the reason Corlath is coming to see Sir Charles?
(a) To sell some of their horses.
(b) To offer a new trade agreement.
(c) To ask for Harry as a bride.
(d) To ask for help with the northerners.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack say he tried to do at the end of the meeting?

2. How long is Harry's hair?

3. How is Harry able to clean up after the long ride to camp?

4. What are the Hillfolk known to love?

5. What is the name of a female heroine in the Hills?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mathin tell Harry about Forloy, and what does Harry realize about her knowledge of Hill culture?

2. What happens when Harry wakes up after being taken by King Corlath?

3. Why do Harry and Mathin leave camp and who wakes Harry at night?

4. What are Jack's hopes about Corlath?

5. What does Jack discover about Harry during a dinner conversation?

6. Why does Corlath want to take Harry and how does he do it?

7. Where is Harry sent to live, why does she go there, who is she going to live with and what is her new home like?

8. What type of trouble with neighboring nations does Sir Charles talk about?

9. When does Harry get up to begin her training, of what does her training consist and what does Mathin give her to help with her training?

10. What does Corlath have Harry do at the camp, why is she offended and what is Corlath's response to her anger?

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