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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Cruz's ward like when Carriscant visits it?
(a) Only one patient with a large goiter.
(b) Neat and clean but has many dead patients.
(c) Filthy and full of dead patients.
(d) Almost empty.

2. What does Carriscant install at his house?
(a) A security system.
(b) An operating room.
(c) A security force.
(d) Huge ice chests.

3. What does Bobby say about Carriscant regarding the two murders?
(a) That Carriscant could not have done the murders.
(b) He botched one of the autopsies.
(c) Bobby thinks Carriscant knows who killed the men.
(d) He is a suspect.

4. What does Cruz say about the procedure?
(a) It was quite easy.
(b) It is groundbreaking and historic.
(c) It was laborious and time-consuming.
(d) It was only possible because he was going to die if he did not have it.

5. What does Pantaleon decide upon to push the aircraft?
(a) A team of six horses.
(b) An American tank.
(c) Two reverse propellers.
(d) Six forward propellers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cruz show Carriscant one day in the operating room?

2. Why does Carriscant contact people in the black market after talking with Delphine?

3. Who does Carriscant say he thinks was the murderer?

4. What does Annaliese say she wants?

5. What does Pantaleon say the co-pilot will do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Annaliese say about Delphine after Annaliese meets her at the Governor's social?

2. What does Cruz show Carriscant in Cruz's operating room and what does Carriscant think of what he is seeing?

3. What happens when Carriscant meets Delphine and why does she reject him?

4. What happens one day when Carriscant begins to fantasize about Delphine?

5. Who calls in Carriscant to examine his ill wife?

6. Whom does Carriscant contact about a black market engine and why does Panteleon want an engine on the black market?

7. What details about her life does Delphine tell Carriscant?

8. What does Carriscant say Delphine admits and what is Kay's reaction?

9. What does Delphine tell Carriscant that makes him start planning to flee the country with her?

10. Why does Carriscant fight Wieland?

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