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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Kay have lunch with her mother?
(a) In a downtown cafe.
(b) At Macy's lunch counter.
(c) A an out-of-the-way restaurant.
(d) At Kay's mother's house.

2. In what way does Cruz consider himself superior in the novel?
(a) Professionally.
(b) Intellectually.
(c) Socially.
(d) Racially.

3. How does Carriscant view Cruz professionally?
(a) As a dangerous quack.
(b) As an incompetent prosecutor.
(c) As too compassionate with criminals.
(d) As the best surgeon he's ever seen.

4. What is apparent when Carriscant visits Pantaleon's house?
(a) Carriscant does not trust Pantaleon.
(b) The two have little social interaction.
(c) Pantaleon is not happy to see Carriscant.
(d) There is a strain in their friendship.

5. What does Cruz commonly practice in his professional work?
(a) Bleeding and operating with anesthetics.
(b) Opting for surgery when it is not necessary.
(c) Evaluating patients with little medical history.
(d) Administering unapproved drugs.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Philip say about Kay since they divorced?

2. From what country is Annaliese's father?

3. What is Pantaleon Quiroga's work at San Jer├│nimo?

4. What happens when Carriscant crosses a field on his way home?

5. What does Carriscant believe about the wounds he examines in a murder victim?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Meyersen say about Kay's home and career and how does it affect Kay?

2. Why does Kay spend many hours with her attorney?

3. What does Salvador Carriscant say about his return to Manila in 1897?

4. What is the impact of Coleman's death on Kay and Philip?

5. Why does Kay go to visit her mother in Chapter Four?

6. What documentation is left of Kay's biological father?

7. What does Carriscant say about his parentage?

8. What does Philip do when he comes to visit Kay after she is home from her chat with Carriscant?

9. What does Carriscant say when he elaborates on his past while he and Kay are flying?

10. What do Quiroga and Carriscant do for a Chinese boy?

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