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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Delphine think of her husband?
(a) He is abusive.
(b) He is kind and good.
(c) He has affairs regularly.
(d) He is limiting and small.

2. How long is Carriscant in Bilibid Prison?
(a) 1 year.
(b) 12 years.
(c) 8 years.
(d) 4 years.

3. How does Carriscant react when he performs an appendectomy?
(a) He becomes aroused.
(b) He is worried that his diagnosis is incorrect.
(c) He refuses to do the surgery.
(d) He is very sharp and decisive.

4. Why do Carriscant and Pantaleon argue?
(a) Carriscant does not want to be co-pilot.
(b) Carriscant suggests adding more stabilizers.
(c) Carriscant says he wants to be co-pilot instead of Pantaleon's nephew.
(d) Carriscant tells him about Delphine.

5. What does Carriscant tell Sieverance?
(a) Delphine died of a miscarriage.
(b) Delphine was unfaithful to him.
(c) Delphine will be fine.
(d) Delphine needs to go to Europe for better medical care.

6. What is Cruz's ward like when Carriscant visits it?
(a) Only one patient with a large goiter.
(b) Neat and clean but has many dead patients.
(c) Filthy and full of dead patients.
(d) Almost empty.

7. What does Carriscant note about Pantaleon's airplane?
(a) It is off balance.
(b) It is too heavy.
(c) It has graceful, strong, complex construction.
(d) Its design is very simple.

8. What does Carriscant think about Annaliese when he contemplates her over New Year's?
(a) He could grow to love her again.
(b) He still loves her.
(c) She is frigid.
(d) His complete lack of any feelings for her.

9. Where does Carriscant skulk about, hoping to see the American woman he is attracted to?
(a) A singles bar.
(b) The swimming pool.
(c) The museum where she works.
(d) The archery range.

10. Why does Carriscant supposedly visit Paton Bobby?
(a) To get a recommendation for a black marketeer.
(b) To suggest arresting Cruz.
(c) To ask about the murder investigation.
(d) To borrow money.

11. What does Delphine tell Carriscant?
(a) She is ending her affair with him.
(b) She is pregnant with his child.
(c) She is leaving to rejoin her husband.
(d) She is ill again.

12. What does Delphine say her husband would do if she runs off with Carriscant?
(a) Follow them.
(b) Beg her to come back.
(c) Give her money to divorce him.
(d) Let her go.

13. What does Bobby do when Carriscant talks to him?
(a) Tells him to repay the money and Bobby will turn the other way.
(b) Misidentifies the woman.
(c) Books Carriscant on suspicion of murder.
(d) Tells him that the daughter does not want to be found.

14. Why does Siverance summon Carriscant?
(a) Siverance wants to know about the deaths of the two American soldiers.
(b) Siverance's sister is ill.
(c) Siverance's wife is ill.
(d) He wants to discuss Panteleon's airplane.

15. For how many murders is Carriscant arrested?
(a) 4.
(b) 0.
(c) 1.
(d) 3.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who backs Cruz when he calls Carriscant on the carpet/

2. Why does Carriscant visit his wife's uncle?

3. What does Seiverance announce?

4. Who is Jepson Siverance?

5. What hobby does Delphine take up in order to have an excuse to leave home?

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