Objects & Places from The Blue Afternoon: A Novel

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Kay's Designer House

Kay Fischer spends the early portion of the novel designing and building this.

The Photograph of Hugh Paget

This is fuzzy and taken from a medium distance, preventing any close scrutiny of features.

The Photograph of Delphine Sieverance

This was taken at a social function in Lisbon and published in a news magazine in 1927.

The Philippine-American War

This is viewed by natives as a war of independence but is viewed by the occupying American forces as an insurrection.

SS Herzog

How Kay Fischer and Salvador Carriscant travel from New York to Lisbon.


The capital of the Philippines.

The corpses of Private Ephraim Ward and Corporal Maximilian

The first two murders which Paton Bobby investigates.

Amberway-Richault Prize

Dr. Pantaleon Quiroga covets this and spends nearly all of his money and most of his time developing and building an entry.

The Four-Cylinder 12 HP Flanquin

How Dr...

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