The Blue Afternoon: A Novel Character Descriptions

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Kay Fischer

This character is is an architect who graduated from M.I.T. in 1926.

Salvador Carriscant

This character receives a medical degree and returns to Manila in 1897.

Delphine Blyth Sieverance

This character meets a military officer and agrees to his marriage proposal.

Pantaleon Quiroga

A Philippine surgeon of advanced and modern education but only moderate skill.

Paton Bobby

The American constable of Manila.

Philip and Coleman Brockman

He marries Kay Fischer in 1929 and the couple has this child.

Annaliese Leys

This character meets and marries Salvador Carriscant in 1898.

Dr. Isidro Cruz

This character is born in Spain and thereafter immigrates to the Philippine Islands where he practices medicine in Manila at the San Jer├│nimo hospital.

Eric Meyersen

Kay Fischer's one-time partner, who defrauds her.


An officer in the United States Army, pursuing this career because of family tradition rather than any great competence or desire...

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