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Robert E. Howard
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Valerius has been injured by the ____.
(a) Poitainites.
(b) Shemites.
(c) Cimmerians.
(d) Turanites.

2. Constantius will march his warriors to _______.
(a) The plain.
(b) Turan.
(c) Valley of Lions.
(d) Poitain Mountains.

3. Who is put into place to learn about Tamaris?
(a) Beggar.
(b) Servant girl.
(c) Jailor.
(d) Thief.

4. The Khitan says he avenges _______.
(a) Conan.
(b) Valerius.
(c) Thutothmes.
(d) Khemi.

5. What color appears in Salome's crystal?
(a) Scarlet.
(b) Fuschia.
(c) Puce.
(d) Crimson.

Short Answer Questions

1. The creature was supposedly the ____ of Set.

2. Which imposter is killed?

3. Who kills Orastes?

4. Where does Constantius plan to kill Conan?

5. What does Salome use to tell the future?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the situation regarding the Aquilonians? What is Amalric's opinion about Conan's army?

2. What inhuman act does Salome institute?

3. What happens after Conan arrives in Stygia?

4. Who is Olgerd? Explain the scene between Conan and Olgerd.

5. Astreas writes to Alcemides to explain the current state of the kingdom. What does Astreas say?

6. How do people outside the prison learn that Tamaris is alive and in chains?

7. Who is Akivasha?

8. What happens with the armies arrive?

9. What does Conan see in the Hall of the Dead?

10. What is Constantius' plan for war? How will the plan benefit Tamaris?

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