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Robert E. Howard
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Conan orders the ship to sail to the port of _____.
(a) Zingara.
(b) Cimmeria.
(c) Tarantia.
(d) Strygia.

2. Who had another theory about Tamaris?
(a) Xaltotun.
(b) Valerius.
(c) Yasmina.
(d) Orastes.

3. Who should be allowed to live in Khauran?
(a) Cimmerians.
(b) Kushites.
(c) Tarantians.
(d) Shemites.

4. Who attacks Conan but is quickly defeated?
(a) Valerius.
(b) Yasmina.
(c) Olgerd.
(d) Shemite.

5. At this point, Conan is compared to a _____.
(a) Hare.
(b) Sparrow.
(c) Kitten.
(d) Weasel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Constantius will march his warriors to _______.

2. How is Constantius punished?

3. Who kills Orastes?

4. What does Tamaris use to try to make her forget her current situation?

5. Men in the community are referred to as being ____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Why has Salome visited Tamaris?

2. Explain the scene between Amalric, Tarascus and Orastes.

3. What is Valerius' position at this time?

4. Where does Conan go on the ship? Which mystical river is nearby?

5. Explain the scene in which Salome visits Tamaris in her cell.

6. What happens to Conan after he is dragged off by a hundred men?

7. What is Constantius' plan for war? How will the plan benefit Tamaris?

8. Who is Olgerd? Explain the scene between Conan and Olgerd.

9. What inhuman act does Salome institute?

10. What is the situation regarding the Aquilonians? What is Amalric's opinion about Conan's army?

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