The Bloody Crown of Conan Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert E. Howard
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1. Who is the main character in the story? What is his background?

The main character in the story is Conan, a barbarian from Cimmeria. Conan is a man with exceptional fighting skills, unmatched strength, and virtue. Conan uses his power to rescue women and to return conquered lands to their rightful heirs. Conan is often considered to be unconquerable.

2. Explain the ill health of the Bhunda Chand, the King of Vendhya. What occurs as the man is dying?

Bhunda Chand, the King of Vendhya, is dying from a mysterious illness. The king's sister, Devi Yasmina, is at her brother's side. The old noble tells Devi that the king has been poisoned, but Devi refuses to believe it because he always has servants taste and inspect his food. The reader learns that the King was cursed by a powerful sorcerer by using a lock of his hair.

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