The Bloody Crown of Conan Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert E. Howard
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The People of the Black Circle: I, Death Strikes a King; II, A Barbarian from the Hills: III, Khemsa Uses Magic; IV, An Encounter in the Pass; V, The Black Stallion

• Bhunda Chand, the King of Vendhya, is dying.

• The King's sister, Devi Yasmina, is very upset and feels helpless.

• The old noble tells Devi that the king has been poisoned.

• Devi refuses to believe it.

• A dirge is played for the dying king.

• Khemsa explains the King cut off a lock of black hair for the princess.

• The hair was stolen and used to create black magic.

• The king begs Devi to kill him.

• Chunder Shan, the governor of Peshkhauri, writes to the old noble of Vendhya.

• The chief says unless his tribesmen are freed, he will burn Peshkhauri and kill Chunder Shan.

• Devi comes unannounced to Chunder Shan's palace.

• Devi talks of her brother's death by...

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