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Short Answer Questions

1. In Zenobia's story about the Veiled Lady, what spell does the magician tell the lady about, after warning her of peril?

2. The neighbors of Blithedale gossip that Zenobia and Hollingsworth are lovers; where do they say they plan to erect their home?

3. What are Mrs. Foster and her husband in charge of at Blithedale?

4. What letter does Priscilla bring to Coverdale in his room, along with a nightcap?

5. Before his departure for Blithedale in Chapter 1, where is Mr. Coverdale returning to his apartment from?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Moodie leave Blithedale upset?

2. What does the community surrounding Blithedale gossip about Hollingsworth and Zenobia?

3. How does Coverdale first feel about Hollingsworth compared to how he feels about him after his illness?

4. What story does Zenobia tell the group at Blithedale in Section 7, Chapter 13?

5. Why does Zenobia make Coverdale nervous?

6. How does the reader know that Moodie is somewhat connected to the Veiled Lady?

7. How does Hollingsworth and Coverdale's relationship begin to fall apart in Section 4, Chapter 8?

8. How does Zenobia dramatically conclude her story in Section 7, Chapter 13?

9. What does the man who interrupts Coverdale's meditative walk in Section 6, Chapter 11 want?

10. What is the purpose of those gathered at Blithedale?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Characterization is often listed as one of the fundamental elements of fiction. Examine the different types of characters in fiction and relate them to the characters in The Blithedale Romance. How important are the characters in The Blithedale Romance? How do even minor characters add to the overall story?

Essay Topic 2

The story of The Blithedale Romance can be enhanced by learning about the author of the book. Research the author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, comparing him to the character of Miles Coverdale. Where is he from? How did he get into writing? What other books has he written? Did The Blithedale Romance win any awards? What inspired Hawthorne to write the book?

Essay Topic 3

In Section 7, Chapter 13, Zenobia tells a story about the Veiled Lady, entitled "The Silver Veil." The story has many correlations to those at Blithedale, and Zenobia even uses Priscilla as "inspiration" for her story. Analyze the story about the Veiled Lady, entitled "The Silver Veil." What is Zenobia's motive for telling this story? Why would Zenobia want to correlate Priscilla with the Veiled Lady? Who does Zenobia probably represent in the story?

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