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Short Answer Questions

1. In Section 6, Chapter 12, when Zenobia is asked why she does not fling Priscilla off, how does she reply?

2. In Section 3, Chapter 5, how does Mr. Foster say he will wake everyone at Blithedale at daybreak?

3. In Section 5, Chapter 9, what does Coverdale realize it's not mentally healthy to do?

4. What does Coverdale believe is his duty to do for Priscilla?

5. After Mr. Foster awakens everyone at Blithedale, what does Hollingsworth begin his first day there with?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Zenobia dramatically conclude her story in Section 7, Chapter 13?

2. How does Zenobia compare Coverdale and Hollingsworth?

3. What does the man who interrupts Coverdale's meditative walk in Section 6, Chapter 11 want?

4. Mr. Coverdale notes the flower in Zenobia's hair; what does he compare her to?

5. What makes Coverdale think that Zenobia will not be Priscilla's friend for long?

6. How does Zenobia treat Priscilla, and what does she say to justify that behavior?

7. What wise suggestion of Coverdale's does Priscilla reject in Section 5, Chapter 9?

8. What names does the group at Blithedale consider renaming the community?

9. What is the first contribution in the novel, The Blithedale Romance, that composes the theme of magic within the text?

10. How does Coverdale describe Zenobia in Section 1, Chapter 2?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Characterization is often listed as one of the fundamental elements of fiction. Examine the different types of characters in fiction and relate them to the characters in The Blithedale Romance. How important are the characters in The Blithedale Romance? How do even minor characters add to the overall story?

Essay Topic 2

Zenobia is an interesting, vibrant character who stands out in The Blithedale Romance. Analyze the character of Zenobia, exploring what her character adds to the overall story. Why does Zenobia wear flowers in her hair? How do the other tenants at Blithedale feel about Zenobia? Is Zenobia a confident woman?

Essay Topic 3

Hollingsworth is a very strong dominant character in The Blithedale Romance. Analyze the character of Hollingsworth, examine his affect on the other characters, and compare his character to Coverdale. Who is more passionate about Blithedale: Hollingsworth or Coverdale? How do the other characters in the novel feel about Hollingsworth? How does Hollingsworth affect Priscilla and Zenobia?

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