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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Coverdale convinced that Hollingsworth will gain Zenobia and Priscilla as, in Section 4, Chapter 8?

2. What does Mr. Coverdale suspect about Priscilla and Zenobia in Section 3, Chapter 5?

3. How is Coverdale's attitude after a stranger interrupts his secluded time on his holiday?

4. What does Coverdale awake to outside his window after his first night at Blithedale?

5. Zenobia tells a story about the Veiled Lady; what is the story entitled?

Short Essay Questions

1. What story does Zenobia tell the group at Blithedale in Section 7, Chapter 13?

2. Why does Coverdale decide to never reveal what he overheard Zenobia and Westervelt talking about in Section 6, Chapter 12?

3. How can Coverdale tell that Zenobia is upset with Hollingsworth in Section 2, Chapter 3?

4. How does Coverdale describe Zenobia in Section 1, Chapter 2?

5. How does Hollingsworth respond when Zenobia rages against the inequalities between men and women?

6. What does the man who interrupts Coverdale's meditative walk in Section 6, Chapter 11 want?

7. What names does the group at Blithedale consider renaming the community?

8. How does Zenobia dramatically conclude her story in Section 7, Chapter 13?

9. How does Coverdale first feel about Hollingsworth compared to how he feels about him after his illness?

10. What is the first contribution in the novel, The Blithedale Romance, that composes the theme of magic within the text?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the novel, The Blithedale Romance, the mystery and secrets surround the two women there, Zenobia and Priscilla, who are both in love with the same man. Examine the theme of love and the human heart in the novel, The Blithedale Romance. Where does love pertain to the novel? What does Coverdale learn about love? How can love drive us to do unimaginable things? What does love cause the characters in The Blithedale Romance to do?

Essay Topic 2

The novel, The Blithedale Romance, is a mysterious, cold, and somewhat Gothic story. How does Nathaniel Hawthorne set the tone in The Blithedale Romance? How is this tone important for the overall mood of the story? What is the tone in The Blithedale Romance? Does this tone seem to go well with the story?

Essay Topic 3

At Blithedale, the roles of men and women are clearly defined. Study the theme of gender roles, particularly the thoughts about women during this time period, as unfeminine behavior raised negative speculations about ladies. What are the men's roles at Blithedale? What are the women's roles at Blithedale? Are there any characters in the novel that try to change this roles or question them?

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