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Short Answer Questions

1. What discomposes Priscilla after she delivers a letter to Coverdale, in Section 4, Chapter 8?

2. How does Mr. Foster greet all the men while the women are preparing dinner the first night at Blithedale?

3. Mr. Hollingsworth finally arrives and Blithedale and brings a young girl, Priscilla; how does she react when she sees Zenobia?

4. What does Mr. Coverdale suspect about Priscilla and Zenobia in Section 3, Chapter 5?

5. In Zenobia's story about the Veiled Lady, what spell does the magician tell the lady about, after warning her of peril?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Hollingsworth's reaction when Coverdale tells him that he does not know if he will ever be a philanthropist?

2. What story does Zenobia tell the group at Blithedale in Section 7, Chapter 13?

3. How does Zenobia compare Coverdale and Hollingsworth?

4. How did Hollingsworth come to Priscilla's aid in Section 2, Chapter 4?

5. What wise suggestion of Coverdale's does Priscilla reject in Section 5, Chapter 9?

6. Why does Moodie leave Blithedale upset?

7. What does the community surrounding Blithedale gossip about Hollingsworth and Zenobia?

8. Why does Zenobia make Coverdale nervous?

9. What does the man who interrupts Coverdale's meditative walk in Section 6, Chapter 11 want?

10. How does Hollingsworth and Coverdale's relationship begin to fall apart in Section 4, Chapter 8?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The style in which the author of The Blithedale Romance writes is very important to the overall story. Study Nathaniel Hawthorne's use of style in The Blithedale Romance and how it affects the overall story. What choices does Hawthorne use in his writing that shows his unique style? Does Hawthorne use tactical choices in grammar or word usage? How can sentence and paragraph length affect the overall story? What kind of imagery does Hawthorne use?

Essay Topic 2

The story of The Blithedale Romance can be enhanced by learning about the author of the book. Research the author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, comparing him to the character of Miles Coverdale. Where is he from? How did he get into writing? What other books has he written? Did The Blithedale Romance win any awards? What inspired Hawthorne to write the book?

Essay Topic 3

There are several characters in the novel, The Blithedale Romance, who are very concerned with their own wants and desires. Explore the concept of selfishness and relate it to the characters from The Blithedale Romance. What is selfishness? How does Hollingsworth demonstrate his selfishness? Has Zenobia demonstrated that she is selfish? Who is the most unselfish person at Blithedale and why?

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