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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Moodie describe his second daughter when she was a child?
(a) As pale and nervous.
(b) As sunny and energetic.
(c) As robust and rowdy.
(d) As dark and violent.

2. After fleeing his home to New England, Moodie took on a new name and home; who does he marry?
(a) A gentle maid.
(b) A meek seamstress.
(c) A mean woman.
(d) A kind cook.

3. Why does Coverdale realize it's absurd to torment himself with conjectures in Section 10, Chapter 19?
(a) Since his familiar realtionship allows him to call on Priscilla.
(b) Since his familiar realtionship allows him to call on Moodie.
(c) Since his familiar realtionship allows him to call on Zenobia.
(d) Since his familiar realtionship allows him to call on Hollingsworth.

4. In Section 9, Chapter 17, Coverdale obtains a room in a respectable hotel in town; what makes him feel stifled at first?
(a) The memories from Blithedale.
(b) The loud music coming from across the street.
(c) The silence in his empty room.
(d) The muddy tide of human activity.

5. What does Moodie reveal to Coverdale that his name was twenty-five years earlier?
(a) Farras.
(b) Fuddleray.
(c) Fowers.
(d) Fauntleroy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Hollingsworth wound Zenobia in Section 14, Chapter 27?

2. What saddens Coverdale after he goes to the boardinghouse in Section 10, Chapter 19?

3. What message does Zenobia tell Coverdale to take to Hollingsworth, in Section 13, Chapter 26?

4. Why is Coverdale anxious to speak with Hollingsworth in Section 14, Chapter 27?

5. While watching the boardinghouse from his hotel window, Coverdale beholds Zenobia and Priscilla; who else does he see with them?

Short Essay Questions

1. What strange foreboding does Coverdale have after Zenobia leaves Blithedale, and what does he do?

2. What does Silas Foster think about Zenobia's disappearance?

3. What vision of Coverdale's does Hollingsworth mock?

4. What does Coverdale dream about in Section 9, Chapter 18 that torments him?

5. How does Coverdale compare the setting of his hotel to the setting at Blithedale?

6. How does Priscilla act after she lifts her veil in Section 12, Chapter 23?

7. What does Zenobia do after Hollingsworth and Priscilla walk off together, arm in arm, in Section 13, Chapter 25?

8. How does Zenobia treat Coverdale when he visits her at the boarding-house?

9. How does Zenobia demonstrate her love and loyalty for Hollingsworth?

10. How does Coverdale feel as he leaves Blithedale in Section 8, Chapter 16?

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