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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hollingsworth's pole strike at the bottom of the river while searching for Zenobia?
(a) Zenobia's boot.
(b) Zenobia's body.
(c) Zenobia's purse.
(d) Zenobia's shawl.

2. In Section 8, Chapter 15, Hollingsworth, having no faith in Coverdale's dream, mentions his own scheme for what?
(a) Finding teachers for a school.
(b) Building of a hospital.
(c) Reformation of criminals.
(d) Raising funds for a temple.

3. In Section 12, Chapter 23, how long does Coverdale wander restlessly, trying to avoid Hollingsworth, Priscilla and Zenobia?
(a) A few days.
(b) One week.
(c) Several weeks.
(d) A month.

4. In Section 8, Chapter 16, Coverdale announces that he is leaving Blithedale for a week or two; why?
(a) To visit family.
(b) For financial reasons.
(c) For his health.
(d) To barter goods from the farm.

5. After the scene at the pulpit, Coverdale mentions to Hollingsworth that their toils will seem romantic to whom?
(a) Young people in the present.
(b) Young people in the future.
(c) Elderly people in the present.
(d) Elderly people in the future.

6. After his meeting with Priscilla, Coverdale says he washes his hands of it all, stating that the consequences lay on whose head?
(a) Zenobia.
(b) Westervelt.
(c) Moodie.
(d) Hollingsworth.

7. In Section 9, Chapter 17, Coverdale obtains a room in a respectable hotel in town; what makes him feel stifled at first?
(a) The loud music coming from across the street.
(b) The muddy tide of human activity.
(c) The silence in his empty room.
(d) The memories from Blithedale.

8. Where did Hollingsworth wound Zenobia in Section 14, Chapter 27?
(a) Her arm.
(b) Her breast, close by her heart.
(c) Her hand.
(d) Her head.

9. During the interview that Coverdale is attending, who jumps to the platform after the lady rises as a mysterious tremor shakes her veil?
(a) Westervelt.
(b) Coverdale.
(c) Hollingsworth.
(d) Moodie.

10. What message does Zenobia tell Coverdale to take to Hollingsworth, in Section 13, Chapter 26?
(a) That he has murdered her and she will haunt him.
(b) That he is a wretch with a heart of ice.
(c) That she will always love him.
(d) That he will forever torment her.

11. After Priscilla falls to Zenobia's feet in Section 13, Chapter 25, Zenobia tells Priscilla that much has changed since they first met; what else does she tell Priscilla?
(a) To do exactly as she tells her to.
(b) To never speak again and be gone.
(c) To say what she wishes and leave her.
(d) To tell her everything and never leave her.

12. In Section 9, Chapter 18, what torments Coverdale at night in his hotel room?
(a) The other hotel tenants.
(b) The rats scurrying on the floor.
(c) Dreams of his Blithedale friends.
(d) The loud noises from the street.

13. Whose fidelity gives Coverdale a new sense of Hollingsworth's native power?
(a) Westervelt.
(b) Zenobia.
(c) Priscilla.
(d) Moodie.

14. Coverdale almost gives up in finding Moodie until he sees him behind a screen; what does he invite him to?
(a) Breakfast and coffee.
(b) Lunch and wine.
(c) Dinner and wine.
(d) Lunch and beer.

15. After viewing Zenobia and Priscilla from his hotel window, who is Coverdale offended that Zenobia chose to learn her secrets?
(a) Westervelt.
(b) Hollingsworth.
(c) Mr. Foster.
(d) Moodie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Out of the three people staying at the boardinghouse, which one notices Coverdale watching them from his hotel window?

2. In a lyceum hall where he sees someone he knows several rows in front of him, who does Coverdale attend an interview of?

3. What site does Coverdale observe across from his hotel at a boardinghouse that he blesses God for?

4. Who looks at Coverdale scornfully from the boardinghouse window before lowering the curtain?

5. Who agrees to help Hollingsworth and Coverdale search for Zenobia?

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