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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Section 12, Chapter 23, how long does Coverdale wander restlessly, trying to avoid Hollingsworth, Priscilla and Zenobia?
(a) Several weeks.
(b) One week.
(c) A few days.
(d) A month.

2. In Section 14, Chapter 27, what does Coverdale share with Hollingsworth that he suspects Zenobia has done?
(a) Committed suicide.
(b) Harmed someone else.
(c) Committed adultery.
(d) Fled the country.

3. While watching the boardinghouse from his hotel window, Coverdale beholds Zenobia and Priscilla; who else does he see with them?
(a) Hollingsworth.
(b) Westervelt.
(c) Moodie.
(d) Mrs. Foster.

4. Whose fidelity gives Coverdale a new sense of Hollingsworth's native power?
(a) Zenobia.
(b) Priscilla.
(c) Moodie.
(d) Westervelt.

5. Coverdale becomes irritated with the person who he visits in the boardinghouse; what does this person rage to him about?
(a) His claim that Hollingsworth is ridiculious.
(b) His claim that Westervelt is evil.
(c) His claim that Priscilla is crazy.
(d) His cliam that Hollingsworth is a nice guy.

6. While observing from his hotel window, what makes Coverdale believe that a drawing-room on the first floor of the boardinghouse that is empty will not be empty for long?
(a) The crowd coming down the street.
(b) The storm that is coming.
(c) The festival going on the next day.
(d) The industry of the two housemaids.

7. Who summons Priscilla to see Coverdale at the boardinghouse?
(a) Moodie.
(b) Zenobia.
(c) Hollingsworth.
(d) Westervelt.

8. Who does Hollingsworth tell that he must be with him or against him?
(a) Coverdale.
(b) Priscilla.
(c) Moodie.
(d) Zenobia.

9. As Moodie and Coverdale talk, Moodie reveals his youth; what does Coverdale ask him to share?
(a) His past.
(b) His knowledge of Priscilla.
(c) His present situation.
(d) His knowledge of Zenobia.

10. Zenobia agrees with Priscilla that they are sisters, and although she learned of their relationship recently, she never wished what upon Priscilla?
(a) Harm.
(b) Anger.
(c) Friendship.
(d) Love.

11. Coverdale asks Hollingsworth if he has seen Zenobia, and he answers that he has not; what else does Hollingsworth say about Zenobia?
(a) That he hopes he sees her again soon.
(b) That he never wants to see her again.
(c) That he did not expect to see her again.
(d) That he expects he will see her again.

12. After Priscilla and Hollingsworth leave in Section 13, Chapter 26, what does Coverdale tell Zenobia that he thinks Hollingsworth is?
(a) A kind man.
(b) An innocent bystander.
(c) A sinful drunk.
(d) A wretch with a heart of ice.

13. Where do the men lay Zenobia for the women to deal with?
(a) In her bedroom.
(b) On the grass outside the main house.
(c) On the floor of the farmhouse.
(d) On the couch in the living room.

14. After Coverdale fails at trying to meet up with Zenobia and Priscilla in town, what does he long for?
(a) To be back at Blithedale.
(b) A castastrophe.
(c) A chance meeting.
(d) A storm to bring them together.

15. At the interview that Coverdale is attending, who appears onstage in Oriental robes?
(a) Westervelt.
(b) Priscilla.
(c) Moodie.
(d) Zenobia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes to take Zenobia and Priscilla away from the boardinghouse at the end of Section 10, Chapter 20?

2. During the interview that Coverdale is attending, who jumps to the platform after the lady rises as a mysterious tremor shakes her veil?

3. As the summer passes at Blithedale, what do Coverdale and Hollingsworth discuss the community's plans to erect?

4. In Section 8, Chapter 15, Hollingsworth, having no faith in Coverdale's dream, mentions his own scheme for what?

5. Where did Moodie say that he lived twenty-five years earlier?

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