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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 4- Chapter 7: The Convalescent and Chapter 8: A Modern Arcadia.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Coverdale and Zenobia argue about women being happy in life; what does Zenobia say is the reason of woman's unhappiness?
(a) Too high standards for women.
(b) Men overpowering women.
(c) Lack of variety in life.
(d) Improper care of one's self.

2. Why does Coverdale think that Priscilla deserves some poetry written about her?
(a) Because of her beauty.
(b) Because of her temperament.
(c) Because of the mystery that surrounds her.
(d) Because of her childhood.

3. What intrigues Mr. Coverdale about the man who accosts him on his way back to his apartment?
(a) The person is blind.
(b) The person seems very familiar.
(c) The hint that a lady's influence may be desirable.
(d) The hint that a gentlemen's influence may be desirable.

4. After Coverdale tells Hollingsworth he does not know if he will ever be a philanthropist, how does Hollingsworth react?
(a) He laughs at him at calls him weak.
(b) He does not know if they can be lifelong friends.
(c) He says it does not matter to him.
(d) He is very angry.

5. What does the person who accosts Mr. Coverdale on his way back to his apartment in Section 1, Chapter 1 want from him?
(a) His coat.
(b) A great favor.
(c) His wallet.
(d) His blessing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Coverdale suggest to Hollingsworth that he believes Zenobia to be the sister of?

2. What does Mr. Coverdale compare Zenobia to in Section 2, Chapter 3?

3. What lady does Mr. Coverdale plan on meeting the day after he is accosted in Section 1, Chapter 1?

4. What makes Mr. Coverdale think that Priscilla overheard his conversation with Zenobia in Section 3, Chapter 5?

5. After Mr. Foster awakens everyone at Blithedale, what does Hollingsworth begin his first day there with?

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