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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 13- Chapter 25: The Three Together and Chapter 26: Zenobia and Coverdale.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Hollingsworth admits that he does love Priscilla, he bids her to come to him; what do Zenobia and Coverdale want Priscilla to do?
(a) Go to Coverdale.
(b) Run away.
(c) Not go to Hollingsworth.
(d) Go to Hollingsworth.

2. Why does Coverdale believe the neighbors of Blithedale slander their farming abilities?
(a) Because they are mean.
(b) Because of their envy and malice.
(c) Because they are scared of them.
(d) Because they want to destroy them.

3. What does Coverdale suspect that Priscilla purposefully arranged for Moodie to see?
(a) Priscilla and Zenobia acting playfully.
(b) Priscilla crying.
(c) Zenobia and Hollingsworth together.
(d) Priscilla and Hollingsworth together.

4. Who comes to take Zenobia and Priscilla away from the boardinghouse at the end of Section 10, Chapter 20?
(a) Mr. Foster.
(b) Westervelt.
(c) Hollingsworth.
(d) Moodie.

5. How does Coverdale react when Hollingsworth wants to know if he will cooperate in his great scheme?
(a) Coverdale yells at Hollingsworth.
(b) Coverdale agrees with Hollingsworth's plan.
(c) Coverdale chides Hollingsworth.
(d) Coverdale does not know what to say to Hollingsworth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Coverdale becomes irritated with the person who he visits in the boardinghouse; what does this person rage to him about?

2. What does Coverdale suggest to Hollingsworth that he should be, in Section 3, Chapter 6?

3. After Priscilla and Mr. Hollingsworth arrive and are introduced, who tells the others to feed Priscilla?

4. Why does Coverdale think that Priscilla deserves some poetry written about her?

5. What does Priscilla ask that Zenobia do for her?

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